Homeless in Redding – Part 4: A Conversation with Dan Fehr, Retired CDFG Warden

Today I speak with Dan Fehr, formerly a warden with the California Department of Fish and Game, someone who had many years’ exposure to the negative environmental impacts of homelessness near Redding’s waterways. Fehr intentionally refers to occupants of “unlawful encampments” as “transients” rather… Continue Reading


Redding’s Homeless, Part 2: Conversation with Randy Smith, Community Volunteer

Randy Smith’s descriptions of discovered illegal encampments are what planted the seed of the idea for this series. Full disclosure: Smith is a long-time friend.

Q: Randy, thanks for taking time to talk with me today. Can you please start by sharing with readers a list of the various facets of volunteer work that have given you a front-line look at the issue of homeless encampments?
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Free Screenings Celebrate Cascade’s New HD Projector

Jefferson Public Radio & the Cascade Theatre will thank the community for its generosity and give the public an opportunity to experience the amazing color of the theatre’s new state-of-the-art digital HD projector in two separate free events on Sunday,… Continue Reading


200 Volunteers, 20 Chainsaws & 5 Chippers Uncover Henderson Open Space

As sunlight washed over Redding’s first day of October, more than 200 volunteers, 20 chainsaws and five industrial chippers converged upon a jungle-like parcel of land previously “hidden” in the city’s core. Their mission: uncover and correct a half-century of overgrowth and neglect during the… Continue Reading


Rotary Passes Sundial Film Festival to Redding Active 20-30 Club

After three years of delighting audiences with unique and creative, locally produced films and photography, the Redding Rotary Club has transferred ownership of the festival to the Active 20-30 Club of Redding. Both Rotary and the 20-30 Club are committed… Continue Reading