Unsheltered Homeless in Redding: Part 8 – Q&A With Terri Saulman, Eligibility Worker

Today we speak with Shasta County eligibility worker Terri Saulmon. She works with the HOPE Van team, and is also affiliated with Project Homeless Connect. She and I met one Thursday at Living Hope Compassion Ministries where Saulmon worked to connect  clients with various social services. Q: Thank you, Terri,… Continue Reading


Unsheltered Homeless in Redding: Part 7- Conversation With Melinda Brown, POP Director

Q: Melinda, thanks so much for talking with me today. There’s no way to address this issue without getting your input. Can you briefly describe your position, and POP, and your organization’s mission?

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Homeless in Redding, Part 6: Reader Essay Offers Ideas

The issue of helping those unsheltered or unsheltered and ill in our community by degree or direction is daunting, yet seems to be the focus of concern for many who have written comments (about the Homeless in Redding series).
What can an individual do to help? Without our families, where could we all be by some unfortunate streak of luck?
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Homeless in Redding – Part 4: A Conversation with Dan Fehr, Retired CDFG Warden

Today I speak with Dan Fehr, formerly a warden with the California Department of Fish and Game, someone who had many years’ exposure to the negative environmental impacts of homelessness near Redding’s waterways. Fehr intentionally refers to occupants of “unlawful encampments” as “transients” rather… Continue Reading


Homeless in Redding – Part 3: Meet Shannon – “Just trying to get by…”

I heard the woman before I saw her. “Get some chicken nuggets,” came a raspy female voice behind a clump of manzantia bushes that poorly hid a pop-up tent, a heaped shopping cart and a bearded man. The man spoke softly and then ambled off,… Continue Reading


Redding’s Homeless, Part 2: Conversation with Randy Smith, Community Volunteer

Randy Smith’s descriptions of discovered illegal encampments are what planted the seed of the idea for this series. Full disclosure: Smith is a long-time friend.

Q: Randy, thanks for taking time to talk with me today. Can you please start by sharing with readers a list of the various facets of volunteer work that have given you a front-line look at the issue of homeless encampments?
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Redding’s Homeless Encampments – – Part 1: RPD Deals With Another Side of the City

Two cities exist in Redding. You know about the first one. It has streets and traffic and stores and parks and hospitals and schools and churches and a library. This first Redding is just a little slice of California, USA, where… Continue Reading