Whiskey Creek Grow Eradicated

On 6/30/2015, Agents with the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office Marijuana Investigative Team, California Department of Fish and Wildlife Marijuana Enforcement Team and the National Park Service conducted an investigation on illegal marijuana cultivation taking place on public land in the… Continue Reading


Earth, Water, Climate Series Forum

The public is invited to the third “Earth, Water, Climate Series” program on Saturday January 24th, 2015, at 2:00 p.m. in the Redding Library Community Room. Local community members are presenting the third “Earth, Water, Climate Series” forum on Shasta… Continue Reading


The Bear Facts: A Conversation with Pete Figura – Bears are Common Redding Visitors

You may recall that Sunday, a black bear romped through my Garden Tract neighborhood in Redding. He made a stop on my roof and exited through my back yard before touring other parts of downtown. Eventually, he was “darted”  by… Continue Reading


Up on The Rooftop, Black Bear Paws

Some years back, I was driving through Igo late one night. I slammed on my brakes as I rounded a corner. There, in the middle of the road, staring at me through the windshield, was a huge mountain lion. It… Continue Reading


UPDATE: Kokanee Salmon Die-off Prompts Questions; No Official Explanation

The Trinity Reservoir is so over-stocked with Kokanee salmon that the loss of a few thousand fingerlings to save Chinook salmon in the lower Klamath will not hurt the Kokanee fishery, according to Monty Currier of the California Department of… Continue Reading