Menu Please: Burrito Bandito is Fast Mex That Tastes Good, Too

It took Femme de Joie a long time to catch on to Burrito Bandito. For one thing, she didn’t have much reason to go out to Airport Road in Redding, where they started at the original location. For another, she… Continue Reading


MenuPlease: Jade Garden Offers Pleasant Surprises, Poor Upkeep

That red-and-green pagoda on Hilltop Drive was built 40-plus years ago to house the Hong Kong Restaurant. When it closed, a couple more Chinese restaurants moved in and out, and now Jade Garden Continue Reading


MenuPlease: When Food is the Enemy, Part 2

Part 2 of a conversation with two celiac sufferers marking National Celiac Awareness Month in California. Find Part 1 here. – Femme de Joie

MP: Are there any restaurants or mainstream food products that cater to the gluten-free market? … Continue Reading


MenuPlease: When Food is the Enemy, Part 1

It was not very long ago that celiac disease was virtually unknown. In the U.S. currently, approximately 1 out of 133 people have it, the Celiac Disease Foundation reports. In Italy, it’s estimated that I out of 250 have some… Continue Reading


MenuPlease: Fuji’s Bento Box is a Mixed Bag

Downtown Redding used to be a fair-to-middling food wasteland with little but fast food offerings, while chain restaurants sprouted like weeds in Enterprise and induced Westside residents to venture across the river in search of dinner. But a few brave… Continue Reading


MenuPlease: Village Deli is a Little Bit of New York

Sherven Square, that block of Market Street between Tehama and Shasta, boasts a surprising number of restaurants within a short walking distance: Sandwichery, Grilla Bites, Fasolini’s Pizza, Los Gordos, La Cabana, Kobe’s, Maxwell’s, Fatboy’s BBQ. Last fall, Village Deli opened… Continue Reading