Chef Cal to Open ‘Old School Restaurant’ at Former Pio Loco’s

Chef Cal DeMercurio and his wife Christa today announced they will open a new restaurant in downtown Redding’s former Pine Street School site, which celebrates its 89th anniversary this year. The deal signed recently between DeMercurio and property owners Les and Diane Monthei… Continue Reading


Menuplease: Dave’s Bread, TJ’s Cinnamon Rolls, & Village Deli

A few months ago Femme de Joie was searching the shelves at Winco for a decent loaf of whole-wheat sandwich bread without high-fructose corn syrup, when she chanced upon Dave’s Killer Blues Bread. Attracted by the catchy graphics and healthy… Continue Reading


MenuPlease: Pio Loco Update, Downtown and More

Chef Jeff has stepped up to the plate and made some very positive changes at Pio Loco. Femme de Joie recently visited twice and noticed a huge improvement in the quality of the food. There are a few new items such as a roasted garlic and olive quesadilla and three-layer lemon cake, as well as price cuts on the menu. Chef Jeff is also much more … Continue Reading


‘Cooking at the Cascade’ Served Fun, Food & Films

What a fun four weeks, but alas, all good things must come to an end. Friday’s Cooking at the Cascade finale was a blast, although a bit different in format from the previous three Fridays. First, Linda Regan-Bott and Carl Bott (Linda’s main-man… Continue Reading


Cooking at the Cascade: Pio Loco & Downtown Eatery Recipes (pssst … added *surprise)

As promised, here are the recipes from Friday’s Cooking at the Cascade demos. The first recipe, Southern Fusion Cheese-Stuffed Cheese, inspired by that evening’s film, Fried Green Tomatoes, was the brainchild of Downtown Eatery & Libation’s Chef Taylor Smith (that’s him, above,… Continue Reading


Something Good is ‘Cooking at the Cascade’ (again)

Dinner and a Movie at the Cascade Theatre was so much fun in January that come Friday, we’ll enjoy the first of a four-part encore. Bravo! It’s the same concept – popular culinary-themed films, food demos and delicious samples – with just a few changes.… Continue Reading


Tada! Tapas trades places with Oregon Street Tea

Note from Doni: Yesterday we promised the exclusive story about the new business that will occupy Oregon Tea Company’s space after the tea closes its brick-and-mortar doors Sept. 20 and goes strictly online. Today we talk with Brad Tillson, who’ll soon own and operate his… Continue Reading