Designing A Pollinator Garden

PHOTO: A hummingbird hovers near hummingbird sage (Salvia spathacea). As I write, the first rain of the fall season (which coincidentally begins according to the calednar on Sunday the 22nd with the Autumnal Equinox) is cheering up the forecast. The… Continue Reading


Gifted: Great Gifts for Gardeners this Season

Some people like diamonds, some people like furs, some people like Ferraris, Corvettes or 1968 Mustang convertibles. Others still like big power tools with engines, pull cords and gas tanks. Photo:A bright bowl of hand-made pomanders. These traditional holiday crafts… Continue Reading


Summer Review Session: An Eye for Design

It does not matter if we are talking about a vegetable garden, an orchard, a courtyard garden, a suburban back yard, or a country manor estate – you can have all the good intention your gardening heart will muster and… Continue Reading


PHC, The Garden: Ask ‘Why’ and Watch Inspiration Bloom

“Why” is a word that begs an explanation. Like a seven-year-old.

* Why do you work all the time? Because …
* Why is it so hot? Because …
* Why are you building this garden?

Sometimes we explain things with stories. Think how … Continue Reading


Pink House Chronicles, The Garden: ‘How’ Your Garden Grows

Read Part 5 of “Pink House Chronicles – The Garden” here. Ah, the “H” question. In garden design, this is about all those practical considerations for bringing the ideas into physical reality. How will the new garden be built? By… Continue Reading


Home-to-Landscape Greywater Irrigation, with John Whittlesey

I am going on several winter weeks without rain (or snow) on my garden. I am enjoying the sun, but I am very aware of the lack of needed water as well. If you are a gardener (or living creature… Continue Reading


Pink House Chronicles, The Garden: Don’t Get Burned – Ask ‘When’

This is an interesting question to ask while working through your landscape planning. It has to do with the time you will use your outdoor spaces.

First there are the DAILY whens, each with different attributes: cool mornings, hot afternoons. Design your space for … Continue Reading


Pink House Chronicles – The Garden: Asking ‘Where’ Covers Lots of Ground

Read Part 3 of “Pink House Chronicles – The Garden” here. In the interrogative outline we’ve been exploring in our series, the “Where” part is about assessing your site and its immediate surroundings. This is almost as important as the… Continue Reading


Pink House Chronicles – The Garden: What Verbs Do for Design

Read Part 2 of “Pink House Chronicles – The Garden” here. So, exactly WHAT do you want to do in your garden? Obviously this relates closely to the Who part (see previous post). But it goes further. Think in terms… Continue Reading

Pink House Chronicles – The Garden: Who’s Invited to Your Space?

Read Part 1 of “Pink House Chronicles – The Garden” here. Gardens are made for people to use and enjoy. So the WHO part is real important. When I first meet the people who’ve asked me to design their exterior… Continue Reading