Membership and Mushrooms

Fall reliably brings two things to Northern California – the Fall Membership Drive at our regional public radio stations and Mushrooms. On this last weekend of the Fall Membership Drive for Northstate Public Radio, I thought I would re-post an… Continue Reading


Designing A Pollinator Garden

PHOTO: A hummingbird hovers near hummingbird sage (Salvia spathacea). As I write, the first rain of the fall season (which coincidentally begins according to the calednar on Sunday the 22nd with the Autumnal Equinox) is cheering up the forecast. The… Continue Reading


The Art of Observation – Nature Journaling Workshop with John Muir Laws

In an early cool spring evening after a refreshing rain recently, I left off making dinner to take our big garbage cans out to the street for the early morning pick-up. Pollen and tree-tassel debris from the spring trees littered… Continue Reading


The Wildflowers of Table Mountain, a Naturalist’s Guide – 2nd Edition (Color)

Nature is by far the most genius of garden designers, the most creative of floral arrangers. And if there’s one thing Nature loves, it’s color. Bright, mellow, bold, muted, clear: the whole rainbow of color. Most of us do too,… Continue Reading


Gateway Museum Turns 1, Invites Plant Lovers: Grow with Us!

On February 27th 2011 the Gateway Science Museum celebrated its one year anniversary of being open to science and nature lovers from around our region. With a stated mission to “create a life-long learning environment that enables people to explore,… Continue Reading