Keeping Company with Flowers: A Glimpse into the World of Pollinators

On my kitchen counter I have not one but two little vases of flowers from the garden. One holds a fragrant pink rose, the other holds a handsome collection of high-dark-coned rudbeckia, flowering mint and lavender. If you are a… Continue Reading


Home-to-Landscape Greywater Irrigation, with John Whittlesey

I am going on several winter weeks without rain (or snow) on my garden. I am enjoying the sun, but I am very aware of the lack of needed water as well. If you are a gardener (or living creature… Continue Reading


The Lovely Wild Buckwheats – Eriogonum in the Garden – an interview with John Whittlesey, Canyon Creek Nursery & Design

It’s August. It’s hot and dry in interior northern California and in most cases, our gardens are looking a little…worn, a little worse for the wear of our long, hot, dry summers. Every gardener I know, prefaces a high or… Continue Reading