Bulbs for the Forcing: Great gifts for Gardeners/From the Gardener

Even a small selection of bulbs ready to be forced, make great gifts at the holidays, for friends, for hostesses, for something to look forward to in early 2014! A few dry bulbs, some decorative rocks or marbles, a sweet… Continue Reading


Gifted: Great Gifts for Gardeners this Season

Some people like diamonds, some people like furs, some people like Ferraris, Corvettes or 1968 Mustang convertibles. Others still like big power tools with engines, pull cords and gas tanks. Photo:A bright bowl of hand-made pomanders. These traditional holiday crafts… Continue Reading


Tools of the Trade (Great Gifts for Gardeners!) – Fanno Saw Works

It is not only the time of year for gift giving, it is also the time for planting and pruning! Roses, fruit trees, perennials, vines – the garden is a daily destination for planting or pruning something. Every year, people… Continue Reading