Asphalt Cowboys Serve Up Barbecue, Auction to Benefit Rodeo

The Asphalt Cowboys’ 59th Annual Barbecue is happening at Lake Redding Park on Sunday, Sept. 11, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. This is an annual event in which proceeds will benefit 2012 Rodeo Week events. Come out and enjoy… Continue Reading


Saddle Up for Redding Rodeo Week with the Asphalt Cowboys

What: Redding Rodeo Week with the Asphalt Cowboys
When: Through May 21

Click here for a list of Asphalt Cowboys Rodeo Week events.

The Redding Asphalt Cowboys is a private organization and an official affiliate of the Redding Rodeo Association volunteering year round along with … Continue Reading


Sunday Funny: The Asphalt Cowboys Try ‘Going Rogue’

Learn more about the Asphalt Cowboys — gun-totin’, flapjack-flippin’ mascots of Redding Rodeo Week — and Friday’s annual pancake breakfast at the Cowboys’ web site or the Redding Rodeo Association’s site. At both you’ll find schedules for this year’s Rodeo Week events,… Continue Reading