Addiction in Redding: Everybody Has an Opinion, But Where is the Solution?

I am fortunate that I grew up in a stable family and did not grow up around addiction. My only addictions are to social media and Diet Coke. I could quit any time. Just not today. After over 20 years… Continue Reading


Homelessness Workshop Opens a Larger Dialogue

According to the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) 2014 Annual Homeless Assessment Report, in 2014 578,424 people were homeless in our country. Almost 136,000 of those were children under 18. Some cities have taken on homelessness and are being successful.… Continue Reading

Redding Rancheria’s State of the Tribe Luncheon, Oct 17

The Redding Rancheria is a federally recognized Idian Tribe, whose members are of Pit River, Yana and Wintu descent. The Rancheria is a sovereign nation and operates the Tribal Government office. Redding Rancheria Head Start, Redding Rancheria Health Center, Win-River… Continue Reading

Discover Health Fair at Redding Rancheria

Redding Rancheria will have vendors located in the Event Center, Eagle Room, and the Redding Rancheria Community Center. Come and enjoy this exciting day filled with health screenings, information on living a healthier life, and much more! Health Screenings at… Continue Reading

Redding Rancheria’s Largest Fundraiser Taken Over by Boas, Glitter & Diamonds

More than 400 community members came together and helped our Burlesque Themed Celebration for the 2012 Redding Rancheria’s “A Year to Remember” annual fundraiser dinner held on Saturday, March 3rd. “I wondered how we would surpass last year’s theme of… Continue Reading

Redding Rancheria Announces Tribal Council Election Results

The Redding Rancheria Tribal Government held its annual Tribal Council Elections on Saturday, October 1st. The governing body of the Redding Rancheria is the Tribal Council which is composed of seven Council members and three alternate Council members elected by… Continue Reading