Speaking of Dogs: The Fight Before Christmas

Some of the most cringe-worthy phone calls I receive are those from desperate pet owners describing how their two dogs have, “started fighting out of the blue.” I cringe because 99.9% of the time, the call comes long after the… Continue Reading


Speaking of Dogs: Entertainment for the Stay-at-Home Dog

Dogs are social, curious animals that do not handle boredom and isolation well. When left to their own devices, unemployed, under-exercised dogs will find something to do. Guaranteed.  Sadly, a dog’s interpretations of fabulous options for entertainment are usually annoying… Continue Reading


Torpedoes of Death Masquerade as Innocent Grass to Torture Dogs

I see foxtails. Everywhere. Hordeum murinum or “Hare Barley,” a non-native invader from Spain, grows in healthy, thick patches along the trails and in open spaces where people walk their dogs. What appears to be innocent, lush grass in early… Continue Reading


Speaking of Dogs: Aggressive Behavior

My 3-year-old fox terrier (whom we have had since a puppy) bit my 9 year old daughter. My daughter simply walked near our dog as she was by the garbage. Normally you can approach or even take food from the… Continue Reading