Market Street Fair – A New Twist on a Redding Summer Tradition

Even before I moved to Redding, Marketfest was one of my favorite summertime rituals. Despite the event’s reputation, in the last few years, as a hangout for rowdy emo teens and an assorted cast of other characters, I was a… Continue Reading


Fatherhood, Repeating: Hurry Up and Wait … for Baby!

Parenting is my favorite job. But the road to having another baby has been curvy. My husband and I have hemmed and hawed, planned and reneged our plans. We thought we were through with kids.
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Pink Box Bakery

Tiramisu, cannoli cake, cream puffs, spumoni cookies. These are just a few of the delectable treats from Pink Box Bakery that you missed if you styed home last Sunday. Pink Box was one of the incredible local food producers featured during A News Cafe’s… Continue Reading


Couple Starts the Ultimate Pizza Delivery Business: A Wood-Fired Pizza Oven on Wheels

Imagine fresh mozzarella, artisan sausage and carmalized onions melding on a thin, perfectly crispy crust inside the warm embrace of a wood-fired oven. Continue Reading