ArtHop Featured Artist – Jeff Fennel

Jeff is an award winning artist and illustrator in a variety of mediums and disciplines. He was born in 1961 in the Philippines while his parents were stationed there. After his father earned a Doctorate in Optometry from Cal Berkeley the family began a series of moves to Santa Rosa , then Paradise and eventually settled in the north valley community of Red Bluff. His father, an avid outdoorsman taught him a great deal about the outdoors and a respect and awareness of nature. His mother reinforced this love and reverence for nature through her creative spirit.

Following high school Jeff enrolled at Shasta College in Redding where he began to really explore his interest in Art. Working under Richard Wilson, Director of the Art Dept., Jeff absorbed everything he could. These were very formative years for the young artist and important in developing his concepts of gallery space and creator/viewer interaction.

A major influence on Jeff was the coverage and excitement of the space race and the Apollo program. This sparked the young boy’s imagination and planted the seeds of a lifelong fascination and love affair with space, astronomy and science-fiction. He is a member of the prestigious International Association of Astronomical Artists (I.A.A.A.) and is a frequent guest and speaker at science-fiction conventions throughout the West.

He lives with the love of his life, Ruth, and three children in the rural countryside of Northern California .

See Jeff’s work through December at Parmer’s Fine Furniture, 333 Par Marina Circle, Redding. Meet Jeff at a reception for the artist, this Saturday, December 10, 6 to 9 p.m., during 2nd Saturday ArtHop. To learn more about Jeff, visit

Adam Mankoski

is a recent North State transplant who feels completely at home here. He enjoys experiencing and writing about the people, places and things that embody the free spirit of the State of Jefferson. He and his partner are the owners of HawkMan Studios and the creators of Redding’s 2nd Saturday Art Hop.