Shasta Wine Village Breaks Ground; Cheers Abound for 2015 Opening-Day Goal

Many generations ago, the raw-dirt parcel that conjured up so much dust and excitement Thursday at a ground-breaking 3-miles north of Redding and 4-miles south of Shasta Lake was a far different place. Decades upon decades ago, the property that’s… Continue Reading


It Takes a (Wine) Village: Wining, Dining, Tasting, Tourist-Attracting Venture is Poised for Development

If there’s anything that Marcus Partin has learned about himself during the dreaming, planning and developing phases of the yet-to-be-built Shasta Wine Village, three miles north of Redding, it’s that he can keep a secret when he has to. Partin recently shared… Continue Reading


Conversation With Marcus Partin: Wine Enthusiast to Wine Village Developer

Q: Hi, Marcus. I hear you’re the guy with the vision and plan for the Shasta Wine Village. I know you’re crazy-busy, so we are extra appreciative that you took time to talk with us. Continue Reading