If Final Background Check Clears, Supervisors May Introduce CEO Tuesday. Voting Machine Contracts Revisited

Pending the background check results, Shasta County Supervisors may announce Chriss Street is the county’s new Chief Executive Officer following an 8 a.m. closed session, and prior to the start of their 9 a.m. regular open session meeting. Both meetings… Continue Reading

Arm Yourself With Info For Campaign Season

I don’t intend to get all pointy-headed on you, but if you want to be an educated voter, you might want to study the Public Policy Institute of California’s newly updated “Planning for a Better Future, California 2025” report. The… Continue Reading

Election Season Concludes … For Now

Welcome to the morning after. In the news business, as in the politics business, there is nothing quite as deflating (or deflated, maybe) as the day after an election. The excitement and pressure build for weeks, and election day itself… Continue Reading