Potential Voter Intimidation

Shasta County Clerk Cathy Darling Allen.

Cathy Darling Allen,  Shasta County Clerk and Registrar of Voters wants to inform the public about potential voter intimidation occurring in the county.
Reports have been received by the department that there are people contacting voters at their homes and questioning their voter registration status.
This activity violates California law, and election officials have alerted local law enforcement.
Voters and all people living in Shasta County should know that employees of the County Election Department will not come to your home and question you. People who perform this kind of activity are violating the law and intimidating voters.
The Shasta County Election Department confirms and validates all applications for voter registration. This is performed through a number of channels, none of which include personal visits on a Saturday, or any other day.
If this happens to you, please report it to the Registrar of Voters at 530-225-5730 or to local law enforcement.
Questions should be directed to elections@co.shasta.ca.us

Press Release

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