The Origanums – Beautiful Cornerstones of the North State Herb Garden

I’m a big believer in Beauty for its very own sake, but in a gardening life where choices must be made as to what we will give room, resources, time and attention – it’s always nice to love a plant… Continue Reading


Melon Time: Growing (and Eating!) Sweet Melons with Kaye & Roger Diefendorf

Put the growing needs of melons and the gardening conditions of much of the North State together, and what you get is an uncommonly happy marriage. This week on In a North State Garden (Northstate Public Radio 91.7 FM Chico/88.9… Continue Reading

Valley Oak Magazine – Sustainability in the Inland California Valley Bioregion, with David Grau

I first met and wrote about David Grau in the spring of 2009, at the end of his first winter of the Chico Organic Gardening Class Series, organized by David and held at the Chico Grange. Now headed into the… Continue Reading


December in the Garden: The Gifts of the Season & Monthly Calendar of Regional Gardening Events

The first real winter storm and its life-renewing precipitation has now visited our region – most likely bringing some inconvenience, but also much blessing as the season turns on its cycle from the fullness of fall to the peaceful spareness… Continue Reading