September’s Seeds for a New Season & North State Calendar of Gardening Events

Photo: Oak leaves turning colors with the season. The beginning signs of a change in seasons – such as the falling acorns of last week, always seem to precipitate a bout of nostalgia in me – a longing look back… Continue Reading


Happy Birthday, 5 Years Old & Calendar of North State Gardening Events

On January 26th, 2008, Northstate Public Radio aired its first segment of In a North State Garden, a locally-conceived and produced, 4-minute, often interview-based program celebrating home gardening in the North State Region; a region 10 counties strong, just about… Continue Reading


March: Mirth and Madness in the Garden & Calendar of Regional Gardening Events

March in the garden is both maddening and full of spring’s mirth. Even with our terribly low winter precipitation thus far, the garden and countryside are moving along – unfolding in flower, fruit and seed. We’re lucky that our relatively… Continue Reading


August’s Plenty & the Calendar of Regional Gardening Events

August – from the Latin Augustus – is a word variously meaning majestic, venerable, inspiring admiration, and stately. A name derived from the Roman ruler of the same name – it seems well-chosen for August, the eighth month of our… Continue Reading


December in the Garden: The Gifts of the Season & Monthly Calendar of Regional Gardening Events

The first real winter storm and its life-renewing precipitation has now visited our region – most likely bringing some inconvenience, but also much blessing as the season turns on its cycle from the fullness of fall to the peaceful spareness… Continue Reading