The Magic of Mosses

Photo: A mossy rock along a riparian corridor. Identification of mosses is complex and technical, requiring microscopy in most cases. For the photos in this essay, I will not attempt to identify the individual species, but merely appreciate the beauty… Continue Reading

Scents & Sensibilities: Winter Fragrance in the Garden

Ahhh fragrance….all I can say is “thank you” to the universe of sweet scents. With all these plants soon to be in bloom again, they count high among things to look forward to, so while we wait for winter to… Continue Reading

New Moon, New Year: January in the Garden & Northstate Calendar of Gardening Events

By some powerful synchronicity New Year’s Day 2014 arrives on the same day as the New Moon. A fresh start in the stars and in our daily planning. A traditional time for letting go of the old and welcoming the… Continue Reading


A Winter’s Tale: The Mother Orange of the North State

Photo: The Mother Orange in Oroville, CA. Winter in the North State brings several seasonal luxuries, among them, citrus. There’s nothing quite like a prolonged and hard cold snap for a gardener’s true colors and true priorities to show. In… Continue Reading


Where the Winter Ferns Grow

Winter can mean rain or snow, wind or stillness, sun or darkness. But in the valley and foothill portions of our region – winter also means ferns. From the first late fall rains through to the heat of summer gardens… Continue Reading


Scents & Sensibilities: Fragrance in the Winter Garden

My Daphne odora began its seasonal bloom this past week –delicate, pink-edged, four-petaled florets opening one at a time among larger clusters. I was working nearby – absently cleaning leaves out of and re-filling a bird bath, plucking weeds mindlessly… Continue Reading