It’s Pomegranate Season!

It’s pomegranate season here in the North State and I recently watched a friend demonstrate a new (at least to me) pomegranate cleaning device that looks a little like a flat strainer. You place the pomegranate cleaning device over a… Continue Reading


Legacy: October & The North State Calendar of Gardening Events

As I compose this month’s calendar piece two things are foremost in my mind. The first is that it is raining. Really raining and the sound and smell and light of this much anticipated seasonal weather has a forceful and… Continue Reading


Cultivating Community – Improving Health in the North Valley

This week In a North State Garden had the pleasure of speaking with Stephanie Elliott, her two year old son, Collin, and Laurie Niles – all participants in Cultivating Community, a Chico-based project working to encourage the learning about and… Continue Reading

Living Wild (and Eating your Weeds) with Alicia Funk

“Eat your weeds,” is a comment you might hear in conversation with regional author Alicia Funk. This struck me as humorously ironic given that last week’s interview taught us more about ways to effectively eradicate troublesome weeds, but never did… Continue Reading

Chico Area Farm Tours Continue This Weekend

What: Chico Area Farm Tour
When: Saturday and Sunday (June 11 and 12) and June 26
Where: Three farms — Chaffin Family Orchards, Massa Organics and GRUB CSA
Cost: Adults: $15 tour or meal; kids under 6, free; kids over 6, $8.

Through a series of farm tours, visitors will learn … Continue Reading


Joel Salatin to Speak On the Power of Local Food

What: Joel Salatin Speaking about the Power of Local Food When: Monday (Jan. 17) Where: Chico Family Masonic Center Cost: $14 for individuals and can be bought online here. Groups of 10 or more people can by tickets for $12… Continue Reading

Beans, Beans – the Magical Fruit: Dry Beans from the Garden, an interview with Sawmill Creek Farms

Beans and peas have a rich and storied history in fact and myth. Also known as legumes, beans of all kinds are members of what is currently known as the Fabaceae or Leguminosae plant family. With species native to almost… Continue Reading