One smart dog,
By Darcie Gore

What a joy to present this column by Darcie Gore, my good friend and one of the fine minds behind Food for Thought. Darcie’s an inspiration to me, and I trust she will be to you, too. Doni

Bailey, a whippet, has been with me since she was 10 weeks old. She is my second whippet service dog. I had a stroke, and as a result of that brain trauma there are a number of medical issues that Bailey is able to mitigate.

These are common things people say when I am out in public with Bailey:

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The invasion of creepy, crawly caterpillars

Every few years the north state endures an abundance of caterpillars, especially around oak trees. Today I finally looked up their name: Malacosoma californicum, commonly known as the tent caterpillar.

Here in the country, I don’t mind snakes. And I’m intrigued by mountain lions, coyotes and even bear.

But these fuzzy caterpillars are driving me crazy.
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Aging and Caring: Senior disability issues,
By Victoria Bernet, Licenced Occupational Therapist

I’m happy to introduce Victoria Bernet, a licenced occupational therapist who’s joined Food for Thought as a contributing writer. Each month she’ll share her passion and knowledge about topics related to her field of expertise. Join me in welcoming Victoria.… Continue Reading