The Weight is Over – Week 21: Beyond the Plateau & Down She Goes

Ask who drives me the most crazy and I only need to look in the mirror. This week what drives me the most crazy about myself is when I when I proclaim a commitment without thinking things through thoroughly. Case… Continue Reading


The Weight is Over: Just Sayin’ . . . Even Pushing 80, It’s Never Too Late

My approach to this ‘system’ or mindset or lifestyle comes from quite a few more years and quite a few more trials and errors (emphasis on the errors part) than Doni has had the pleasure of experiencing. So it can be said that I followed her journey with a jaundiced eye and a great deal of skepticism. Continue Reading


Just Sayin’: So, You Don’t Know Music – A How-To Guide for Parents of Music Students

“But I don’t know music.” Sometimes when I hear this statement come out of the mouths of parents whose children are just starting to learn about music, I want to climb on my soapbox and preach to the world. After… Continue Reading


Just Sayin’ – Define Talent: Inborn or Learned?

A couple of years ago, anewscafe.com published a piece I wrote about talent. In that piece I was exploring the world of talented writers. I still stand in awe of a person who can write to a deadline. Every day,… Continue Reading