Just Sayin’: Happy Anniversary!

  Do you guys realize that we’ve been meeting here at anewscafe.com for what will be four, count ‘em: FOUR years, come November 2015? I know! Surprised the heck out of me too. When I was looking back over some… Continue Reading


Free Therapy # 59: Our Purpose Here

On rare occasions in my life, I’ve suffered momentary break-downs when sudden waves of sorrow would sweep over me in a storm of tears that wrenched up out of me in sobbing pleas and prayers; petitions to some unknown force for answers that never came. Continue Reading


Who Set Up This Mess?

Observation:  Friday afternoon- vehicles stopped in the left turn lane going EAST on Cypress and turning onto Hilltop.  There were four or five cars in the left designated turn lane.  All vehicles proceeded smoothly through the intersection bumper to bumper.  The light turned yellow just… Continue Reading