There is a Reason That They Are There

If you have two brand new 2010 Chevrolet Corvettes, both red in color, sitting side by side, how do you tell which one is which?  Many folks would say, ‘by their license plates’.  What if you switched the license plates… Continue Reading


Traffic Safety Tips: Weight Fees Can’t Wait!

If you bought a pickup truck, then you need to pay for a pickup truck.  Part of owning a pickup truck is registering it as a pickup truck.  First let’s clarify what a pickup truck is.  A “pickup truck” is a motor truck with… Continue Reading


Traffic Safety Tips: Foreign Registration

There are many reasons as to why some people do not register their vehicles here in California, but rather register them in another state.  The three most common reasons for not completing the registration process are: 1. People are unaware of… Continue Reading

Let It All Hang Out!

Monty, I took a course from you and enjoyed the material you offered and the day.  However, that’s not why I’m writing to you.  I need to find out the regs with regards to how much “stuff” can hang out… Continue Reading


Look! Up in the Sky, It’s a Bear!

I was wondering how aircraft patrols work in conjunction with ground officers. Do drivers only have to worry about them on clear days? What kinds of areas are patrolled by aircraft? How does the pilot determine someone’s speed? If you want… Continue Reading


Who Set Up This Mess?

Observation:  Friday afternoon- vehicles stopped in the left turn lane going EAST on Cypress and turning onto Hilltop.  There were four or five cars in the left designated turn lane.  All vehicles proceeded smoothly through the intersection bumper to bumper.  The light turned yellow just… Continue Reading