DUI Impairment Imperative

I can not tell you the number of times that someone has come up to me while I was speaking to groups regarding driving under the influence issues and asked the same question.  How many drinks can I have and still… Continue Reading


Common Courtesy Isn’t So Common Anymore!

First of all, thank you for a wonderfully useful and entertaining column.  I can’t imagine why no one ever thought of this before. Okay, here’s what’s bugging me.  Every time I’m out driving in darkness or rainy weather, I meet… Continue Reading


Traffic Cop: Let’s Get to the Cutting Edge!

I enjoyed your article about toy and real guns. I wanted to ask if you might be able do one about knife’s.  I have seen a lot of cool knife’s online and in stores but I don’t know what is ok… Continue Reading


Traffic Cop: The Sign Says …

I don’t know if you answer questions like this so just ignore this if you don’t. Are “Speed Checked by Radar” signs required in rural areas of Shasta County surface roads in order to be ticketed by the CHP for… Continue Reading


Traffic Cop: On Your Mark … Get Set …

Back when I was assigned to the East L.A. area the local gangsters would pull up next to rival gang members while they were stopped at a controlled intersection, Whittier Boulevard and Arizona Avenue was a very popular location for… Continue Reading


Traffic Cop: Right is Not Always Right!

Question; 2 lane road, car turning left, I can pass on the right as long as I remain on the paved surface. Many people don’t know that rule so they wait until car turns to proceed straight. Is it legal to… Continue Reading