Just Sayin’: So, You Don’t Know Music – A How-To Guide for Parents of Music Students

“But I don’t know music.” Sometimes when I hear this statement come out of the mouths of parents whose children are just starting to learn about music, I want to climb on my soapbox and preach to the world. After… Continue Reading


Just Sayin’: As My Mother Used to Say …

Any of you who have spoken with me for more than two minutes know that my conversations are liberally sprinkled with “ . . . as my mother used to say. . .” My mother was a very wise woman,… Continue Reading


Just Sayin’: Comin ‘round the Mountain!

“So, where are we going this time?” For me that is one of the most exciting ( freighted with possibilities and anticipation ) phrases that anyone can utter. I don’t care if it’s a walk, a car ride, a train… Continue Reading


Just Sayin’: Children! What Good Are They, Anyway?

As I watch the news and just live life day to day, I notice that regardless of the country, ethnicity, social strata or economic development, children are pretty much welcomed into this world with unmitigated joy. Then life happens. What… Continue Reading


Just Sayin’: Once More, with Feeling – The Topic of Love

In February I sat down to write a piece about love. Well, it was Valentine’s Day after all.  I hadn’t written anything productive for a few weeks, so I put on my self-discipline hat and set to work. Oh, I… Continue Reading