The Weight is Over: Video Alignment

Matthew R. Lister from The Align Studio has been creating informational videos for some months now.

Matthew R. Lister of Align Private Training. Photo by Brad Garrison.

Matthew R. Lister of Align Private Training. Photo by Brad Garrison.

At first, he was pretty serious.

For many months, Matthew was recording himself, which worked fine, such as in this short clip about chasing weight loss. The key: Focus on behaviors, not the goal.

.Here Matthew talks about the importance of not comparing ourselves to anyone else.


Since then Matthew and Jason K. Koons, Align’s uber videographer, have cranked out a slew of short videos in a Q&A series that cover the gamut of issues, from weight loss and fatigue to knee and back pain, and lots of topics in between.

Not only are the videos informative, but I love the playful, sometimes silly interaction between Matthew and Jordan. (One day, it would be fun if Matthew filmed Jordan, just so we could see the man behind the camera.)

Many of you have lamented that you want to work out at Align, too, but you can’t, for various reasons. Here’s your chance to learn from Matthew via video. I hope you enjoy these as much as I have. By the way, Matthew and his fellow Align Group trainers are always looking for new material from which to create new videos, so feel free to post your questions below.

In the meantime, here are some videos worth watching.

How to fix back pain via pelvic alignment.
And how to fix knee pain.
How to get back in the game after taking time off.

But Matthew is not the only Redding Aligner to make videos. Redding trainer Andrea Charroin – yes, a former pastry chef – gives some tips about healthy snacks.





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