Tribal Family Holds S. Market Street Vigil After Fatal Police-Involved Shooting

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Family members hold a vigil for Ken Wilson, who was fatally shot today by Redding Police. Officers say he shot at them while fleeing.

As investigators collected evidence in today’s fatal shooting, about 12 members of the Pit River Tribe held a protest vigil, gathering in lawn chairs and playing American Indian music where their family member was killed by police on South Market Street in Redding.

Kenny Wilson, a Pit River member in his 40s, was shot after reportedly fleeing and firing on Redding Police officers. Wilson led police on a foot chase on Veda Street and across S. Market before he was shot.

Wilson’s cousin Abbie, 20, said the family is protesting the deadly use of force.

“My cousin was very troubled, not always a good person, but he didn’t deserve to die like that,” Abbie Wilson said.

The shooting closed Highway 273 between Cypress Avenue and Buenaventura Boulevard this afternoon after Redding Police tried to arrest Wilson at a friend’s Veda Street home, where family members said he was staying with his girlfriend.

Kenny Ray Wilson, in Shasta County Jail, May 2010

Wilson, 41, had 10 outstanding warrants for his arrest, two of which were for felony armed robbery and attempted armed robbery, Shasta County Sheriff’s Sgt. Dave Kent said in a press release issued tonight. (The release does not name Wilson, saying his family needed to be notified first; Wilson’s family members identified him to A News Cafe.)

Police were actively searching for the man, describing him as “armed and dangerous” and having “an extensive history of violence. The suspect also recently made threats to harm law enforcement,” the release says.

Outside the Veda Street home, officers from Redding Police, Shasta Interagency Narcotics Task Force, California Highway Patrol and Redding Parole surrounded the residence. Kent’s release says they saw Wilson escape from the rear, fleeing officers.

“The subject ran across South Market St. and pulled a handgun from his pants and shot at officers. Four officers fired numerous rounds at the subject and he was struck numerous times. The subject subsequently expired at the scene.

“Officers who were involved in the shooting were not injured. A semi-automatic handgun was recovered from the suspect shooter,” the release says.

At Pop’s 50s Place on South Market, employee Afton Triplett was working the lunch rush with her son, Brian. Brian and others had spotted law enforcement officers “setting up,” he said.

“It looked like a SWAT team was already in place,” Brian Triplett said.”I thought it was a drug bust being set up, before we heard the shots. I saw officers putting on their (body armor) vests. We thought something was up.”

He also saw Wilson during his run from police, he said. Wilson fled east from behind the Family Carpet Center on the corner of Veda and S. Market, then crossed S. Market and headed north on S. Market. He was shot in front of the RABA building, about a block north of Pop’s.

When Afton Triplett heard the shots from inside the restaurant, “all I could think of was getting my little grandkids down on the floor,” she said. She rushed the children, ages 7 and 11, into a back room and low to the ground. She didn’t see much, but heard the shooting, she said: “It was strange, I heard a pop, pop, and then I heard about 30 to 40 shots immediately after.”

Redding Police announced the road closure, due to the shooting and police investigation, about 3:30 p.m. today. By 8:30 p.m., the road had partially reopened, then fully opened by 9:25 p.m.

Earlier in the evening, Wilson’s family members waited tonight for law enforcement officers to admit them to the crime scene, where Abbie Wilson said they plan to hold a cleansing ceremony at the site of Wilson’s shooting. Using water and sometimes smoke, the ritual helps spirits move on to the next place, family members said.

The shooting is the second fatal police-involved shooting this year along S. Market Street. On March 7, a man was killed after a Redding Police officer pulled over a car in a traffic stop; a second officer was also shot. The suspect was later identified as Jose Venavides of Redding, shot by Officer Rebecca (Becky) Zufall, an 11-year veteran with RPD; the officer hurt was Russell Veilleaux, an eight-year veteran with RPD and a veteran of the United States Marine Corps.

Photographs and reporting by Alan Ernesto Philips; story written by Kimberly Ross.

Alan Ernesto Phillips is a proud son of Shasta County, a proud father of two daughters, and a local musician. He is a parenting educator, chemical-dependency counselor, victim-awareness counselor and developmental-asset builder and trainer. He also is a Clio and Telly award-winning filmmaker who produced and directed political campaigns for congressmen, senators, governors and one president (Ronald Reagan). His clients also included Coca-Cola, NIKE, CBS News and NOVA documentaries. He is a current board member and public affairs officer for the Northern California Hispanic Latino Coalition.

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90 Responses

  1. Avatar john smith says:

    Unofficial, but his name was Kenny Ray Wilson.

  2. Avatar Joanne Lobeski Snyde says:

    Excellent article Alan. In my culture, we don't even argue with armed peace officers, much less draw a gun and fire at them! Or shoot them, as in the March 7th incident this year. What in the world could justify using lethal force against a man who is hired to keep peace in our community?

    • Avatar Danielle Hart says:

      You must live in a very sheltered niave world, some law enforcement are just plain mean people, hope you someday see that without being harmed.

      • Dugan Barr Dugan Barr says:

        This is a very mean spirited, over broad, generalization. There are some mean cops. There are other cops who truly do try to protect and serve. If the reports are correct, the decedent started shooting. What if the cops had held fire? What if, because they held fire, the decedent had shot and killed or injured an innocent bystander? Whose fault would that have been?

        Sure, there was a lot of shots fired in his direction. If you pick a gunfight with half a dozen or a dozen armed police, you can expect a lot of return fire. The police respond in great numbers to something like this PRECISELY to show the suspect that he/she is badly out numbered, can't win and should lay down the gun.

        Any time a police officer reasonably believes that a suspect poses an immediate threat to the life or safety of the officer or another, that policeman has the right, even the duty to use lethal force.

        I am sorry for the man's family and friends. It is, indeed, sad that he is dead. But there was only one person out there with the ability to prevent this, and that man was him.

        A final note to those who say the police should have shot his legs or arms or something. How would you like to be the officer who is trying to hit the leg of a guy who puts one right between the eyes of a fellow officer with a wife and kids while you are trying to "wing" the shooter?

  3. Avatar Ed Heffelfinger says:

    Suicide by cop, perhaps???

    Good article, Alan!

  4. Avatar dyan cronin says:

    Kenny was family by marriage and a friend, he told me not even a week ago, that he would never go back to prison, he would die before doing life on the three strikes, it appears RPD did just that killed him without even hesitating, he did not shoot at officers, my nephew was there, he shot high just letting them know he had a gun, he isn't going back to prison may his spirit be free now.

    • Avatar Really? says:

      So he DID have a gun and he DID shoot in the direction of the police.

      Sounds like RPD had it right then. Aim a gun in the direction of any law enforcement officer and you earn the bullets you take.

      • Avatar Nisha Wilson says:

        It doesn't matter if the my cousin had a gun or not that doesn"t give the police the right to SHOOT my cousin in cold blood .This was a setup .The police knew what they were doing and planed it .Especialey if it was a drug bust or NOT .The police were watching his every move ! So that DoesNOT give them the right to KILL MY COUSIN .The police were already armed and ready to shot at will when he came out of that house .Those police officers were load down with guns and loaded with bullets in there guns .They were POSTED OUT SIDE READY TO SHOOT MY COUSIN . THERE IS NO EXCUISE for what they done to my cousin NONE .If the police were there to make a arrest on a warrent then they would not have no reason for bullets in there gun ready SHOT FIRER at KENNY RAY WILSON .So this is called a MURDER and the police involved in this MURDER NEED TO PAY THE PRICE for what they have done .They have committed a murder !,police go to prison too.FEDRAL PRISON -They also get the death pentaliy and I am requesting the death row for the police because US as NATIVE AMERICANS need to put a stop to all these bad POLICE OFFICERS that are out there KILLING our people .They need to pay for the crime that they committed .It takes ONE bullet to kill a man !One bullet to WOUND a man not 40 or more bullets .ONE SHOOT TO THE HEAD WILL KILL A MAN INSTINTLY.NO reason for there others .This is called a BURTAL MURDER THAT REDDING POLICE HAD COMMITTED.The Police have NO EXCUSES,NONE>>>REST IN PEACE MY COUSIN KENNY RAY WILSON.

    • Avatar Mike Larooke says:

      "…he told me not even a week ago, that he would never go back to prison, he would die before doing life on the three strikes"

      So, in other words, he would have killed any of the officers in order to avoid going to prison. Thank you for pointing out that it was a justified shooting by the officers involved.

      • Avatar donna murphy says:

        Kenny only shot when he was going down, he already had many bullets in him, last act so to speak, RPD shot first before knowing he even had a gun,

      • Avatar Nisha Wilson says:

        Don't shoot my cousin down any more then he is ! He isn't here to answer the comments that your makeing against him but I will and that is stand by his side if your a true friend or a relative .

    • Avatar Kathy Bradshaw says:

      oh! and that is ok – to just shoot high in the air ? the guy was going on 3 strikes and pulled a gun – just the fact he pulled a gun, he deserved to go down. HIS CHOICE! All the choices he made himself – grow up people and take RESPONSIBILITY for your actions! Thank you LE for your hard work and willingness to get this CRIMINAL off the street.

      • Avatar Nisha Wilson says:


        • Avatar JD says:

          It is very hard to take you seriously when you type in all caps, this isn't a text message to your homies. It would also help you to communicate more effectively if you worked on your spelling and grammar, they are horrendous.

      • Avatar Helen says:

        Howsabout you all just shut up and leave it alone …..Oh thats right you have nothing better to do than argue with sombody who lost a loved one…How cavalier of you all! Well don,Get a life perhaps????

    • Avatar got2sayit says:

      How do you know he didn't shoot at the cops….firing a gun is enough to get shot. Sounds like this young man, would rather meet his maker than die in prison. Rest in peace Mr. Wilson.

    • Avatar Rick says:

      Ok, so if he shot above thier heads are you suppose wait until he shoots one of them, then shoot back? Wow. Hmmmmm, Protect and Serve. Go job Redding PD, my hat is off to you, and thank you for protecting the good citizens of Redding.

    • Avatar His Choice says:

      So he chose "suicide by cop"… tell that to his protesting family then… they gave him what he wanted… his choice!

  5. Avatar JoAnne Windle says:

    <iframe width="300" height="255" src="; frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    LOVE YOU KENNY! <3 RIP You'll be in our hearts forever!

    • Avatar Eve says:

      Beautiful, thank you for posting, I did not know this man but, I am saddened. We all long for freedom. Peace to you and yours.

  6. Avatar Chris M. says:

    I understand that this guy had a really bad past……. But redding police 40 shots? 1 guy? Over exessive I think. Kinda like the kid who robed the bank by Redding City hall. They fire shots and don't think who's around when they shoot!!!! Trigger happy is all I can say.

    • Avatar califsunluvr says:

      Just ask Fish and Game about the hole in the trailer walls…..There were people in that trailer when RPD fired on the bank robber. I understand they have a job to do but what about innocent bystanders.

    • Avatar Lmao says:

      This situation isnt funny but the posts are. Pull a gun on a cop or anyone for that matter and you should expect to have traces of lead throughout your body. Kenny can use deadly force against the police but they shouldnt use it against him? Gimme a break people. I understand you love him but hewas a dirtbag and got whay he was asking for. Sorry for your loss. God bless and may his sole live peacefully.

    • Avatar g. says:

      right on chris! over excessive is correct. im not even from california but i totally agree. in the end god will punish those officers for this. they themselves may be shot up like this someday.. they put bad karma on themselves. now that will be justice!

  7. Avatar wilson boy says:

    RIP to my cuz kenny ray wilson

  8. Avatar Missy says:

    RIP Kenny. To those of you who don't know Mr. Wilson I would ask out of respect for his family to keep your opinions to yourself. The world is full of people looking for someone to blame or someone to take it out on. We know not where this man comes from or what he's been through. I know the man and I also know of his reputation, and let me tell you something…don't believe everything you hear. The truth is usually somewhere in the middle. He was always kind to me and to my family. First time I met him, he gave me a cell phone because mine had been stolen. To his family my condolences. My heart goes out to you. We can take comfort in the fact that now his soul is at peace.

    • Avatar Roxanne says:

      Well said!

    • Avatar Aurora Borealis says:

      Words of Wisdom. Well said, Missy. Well said.

    • Avatar RDGNATIVE says:

      Are you kidding me? This guy was a complete scum bag take a drive down Veda St and take a look at the house he ran from, then take a look at the intel the police had saying he would harm them before going back to prison, then take into the fact he RAN when LE tried to peacefully aprehend him. Then he fired a gun at them. Good Job RPD they did everything they need to do to get this CRIMINAL off the streets, and as far as your cell phone he gave you I would be checking to see if it was stolen. Since Robbery was one of his favorite crimes.

  9. Avatar Al Boek says:

    Well; he may have shoot high…but shooting while evading, high or low, is the

    kiss of death. Kenny's been around it seems, he knew that. I'm somewhat

    relieved to hear he was packing a weapon and actually fired off a shot or two

    before he was taken down and in this case the police certainly were justified

    taking someone with this record of violence of the street…yes it's considered

    violence when you rob someone at gun point._CitizenActivist

  10. Avatar Al Boek says:

    To The Wilson Family: My condolences…

  11. Avatar K.B. says:

    Thank You RPD! Job well done.

  12. Avatar CoachBob says:

    Just amazes me how folks (especially family/friends) will stand behind someone regardless of their miserable lives, their bad deeds on our society. Part of the problem is this 'support' the truly bad people receive from their 'brothers'. A little 'tougher love' would have been in order for this guy…not a pat on the back for his poor choices. Sorry, sad situation all around.


    • Avatar GingerSnap says:

      Who's to say that his family and friends didn't try to give him a little "tough love?" Regardless of the choices that a person makes, their family should ALWAYS love them, no matter what. From what I've read, the family and friends ADMIT that Kenny had done wrong – but they still cared about him. Nothing wrong with that in my eyes. I will love my children, no matter what they may do.

    • Avatar g. says:

      society makes the man coach bob!

  13. Avatar Karen C says:

    Sorry you lost a family member. Police do not wait to judge how high a gun is pointed or where the bullet is going to go. They are trained to shoot to kill when a weapon is used on them. That is exactly what they did. They had every right to do so. Your efforts could have been better spent staying away from the scene so the sheriff and police could do their investigations. Go back and train your people how to stay alive and be functioning, active citizens of the community and to look at law enforcement as their friends and protectors. Undo force? That is nuts.

  14. Avatar Karen C says:

    Good job RPD, you did what you are trained to do, and we are all proud of you!

  15. Avatar Bill Hickock says:

    Yep, another native innocently shot down by the MAN. Too bad! It is unfortunate that the family of Mr. Wilson believes there should be special rules just for them which would allow them to shoot at Officers and not in return end up with Officers returning fire in their direction. Sounds great to me, I'd love being a criminal then. The world would be an open market ripe for the taking. There would be no innocent citizen safe. Think of the assualts, robberies, rapes, etc. that could be committed without hesitation. Yep, with a defenseless population at the criminals disposal, think of it. Ahh, but for thos pesky Officers of the Law who will stand in the way of all of that and when fired at by a felon, have the audacity to fire back and dispatch the felon to his eternal resting place. Yes, thank God for those Officers, whithout them, where would we be?

  16. Avatar Linda Gutierrez says:

    Great article and pictures Alan!

  17. Avatar Charles says:

    It never ceases to amaze me when people, not involved in the shooting, start making accusations towards the police. When a police officer HAS to use deadly force, NOT wants to use deadly force, it is a split second decision he/she must make at the time. Not one cop I know wants to shoot anyone. They do not go into situations with the attitude of wanting to use their guns. I heard one cop say getting involved in a shooting is the worst experience any cop would have to face.

    First, he is judged by the news media, then he is judged by the citizens of the community in which he serves. He then he has to go through an internal affairs shooting review, a Grand Jury investigation, and a criminal review by the District Attorney. And, finally he has to sit through a civil trial brought by the family for "the shooting".

    Now, why anyone would want to go through this experience is beyond my understanding.

    Maybe, we should try, as some indians say, to walk a mile in the police officer's shoes before we judge him.

    • Avatar GingerSnap says:

      The officer also has to live with the images in their head of the incident. Not an easy thing to get over – if you ever can.

  18. Avatar sandy hayward says:

    well all these congrats to the officers involved, did they have fun emptying their clips? 40 rds come on very excessive even for redding. no reason ,they went after him ready to end his life prepared to finish the chase because they heard he was going to do them harm. we hear this all too often. sniper could of done a wound shot put him on the ground and took him alive. sensless killing in front of innocent bystanders. and the comment that the officers do not like this? they get away with it all the time. target practise that is what he was to them. a we will show you not to threaten us. this is what will happen. where did the other rounds go? we need judical reform and we need to get a hold of the law enforcment in this community, right now every one who reads my comment will say wow what an angry person she is nuts but just wait until the officers turn on you or your family and see how you feel about the situation.

    • Avatar CSJ says:

      40 shots. During the exchange of gun fire, I'm sure that the officers involved didn't coordinate with one-another on the number of shots each made. If someone is shooting at you, you shoot back. If the number reaches 40, so be it.

    • Avatar mintjulip says:

      Yes I agree to many shots but when it comes down to it he pulled the gun first and I do not know a person in there right mind that would stand there and be shot at and not shoot back. If he had not run and just turn himself in he would not have been in that position but he did and it was left to the cops to make the right chose for them and there family. I have many members of my family who have done wrong and when the police come looking for them they make the choice on what happens next so did this man. RIP Kenny

    • Avatar Stacy Jones says:

      I agree with you Sandy. The officers went over board. My daughter and I went down there last night to show our respect to Kenny we flew sign and brought candles. I personally new Kenny and I also new his past but this man that the cops took down with 40 bullets never deserved this. I was being harrased by some guys on the street and Kenny showed up and made sure that they left me alone. He always told me that if I ever needed help he would be there. If it wasn't for him that night I would have been raped and possibly killed… My heart and love goes out to Kenny's family and friends and thanks for letting me protest with you last night. I'm not Indian but my little white ass was out there in full support.. I love you all…

  19. My condolences to the family. Their perspective might be different if their family member had been one of the law enforcement officers. They do not have time to stop and decide who will shoot first or how many shots they are allowed. I cannot imagine the adrenaline a situation like this creates. It all just happens on the spot. Bullets shot into the air by the fugitive were not harmless because bullets tend to fall back down. It seems like Mr. Wilson found out the hard way "what goes around comes around".

  20. We should probably hold judgment about the police action until we have walked in their boots and had a gun pointed and fired at us. Seriously… do you understand adrenalin? You can't "train" that response out of a human being. You react to your own life being threatened.

    It's a tragedy all the way around. Mr. Wilson made his life choices… which included death by police suicide. The family is mourning… let's respect that. But I must say I will sleep a little deeper tonight knowing our police officers are going to protect me and my family from a violent criminal like him – somehow I don't think he would have placed much value on my life or the life of my grandchildren if we had something he thought he was entitled to. Consequences often suck. But we choose them now don't we?

    Thank you Redding Police Officers!

  21. Avatar Steve says:

    My condolences to Mr. Wilson's Family.

    Thank you to all of the law enforcement officers involved. You help make our community safer. I am glad to hear that none of you were physically harmed in this encounter. Thank you to the families who support their LE family member.

    I am appreciative of the much higher quality coverage of this incident than was provided by a major competitor in the news field.

    To the critics of the LE Officers involved:

    Mr. Wilson chose this outcome. A dangerous wanted felon with a history of violence chose to carry a handgun. He chose to flee the police. He chose to fire at least one shot in the immediate presence of LE Officers and the public. He knew what the outcome would be.

    I do not have any inside information on this incident, from public reports and my knowledge as medically trained CCW Holder and former member of the LE community, I offer the following for your consideration.

    At least four officers felt that their lives and/or the life of the public was in immediate jeopardy. Four officers were in a position to use the appropriate force in this situation – Deadly Force. They each used deadly force to stop the threat. EACH officer has the responsbility to themselves, their family, their team, and the public to immediately stop this threat if they are able to do so.

    It is NOT unreasonable for each officer to fire on average 10 times to stop this immediate threat to safety.

    Why is that not unreasonable:

    1. There is no such thing as a magic bullet that immediately neutralizes a person.

    2. The bullet must do some or all of the following to be effective: Hit vital organs, cause enough blood loss to cause the subject to become unconscious, sever the spinal column high in the vertebrae, break relevant bones, induce shock, etc to be effective. Bullets that hit clothing , fat, flesh, non vital organs, etc, simply do not stop a person in a timely manner.

    3. From training, they KNOW that some of their shots are going to miss the subject or not strike effective areas for stopping the threat.

    4. Even when bullets hit vital organs and blood vessels, it takes time for that damage to incapicate a person. During that "Lag Time" that subject can still KILL you and other people in the vicinity. If a person is under the influence of adrenaline and is determined, they can continue to fight for quite some time. If a person is under the influence of certain drugs, that ability to fight can be amplified.

    5. Officers are trained to shoot until the threat is no longer present. EACH of them is trained to do this. They have been reasonably trained that the best way to stop the threat is to: hit the subject's center of mass with as many large caliber bullets as possible as fast as possible.

    6. From training and personal experience, I know that it is REASONABLE and quite possibly PRUDENT for each of those officers to have fired 10 rounds. The law does not require, nor should it require, that officers calmly analyze and reflect upon the effect of the last round that they fired. THEY ARE IN A COMBAT SITUATION. They are literally in a fight for their life.

    For those of you who do not have the medical training, the use of force training, the training in the use of firearms during combat, legal training, and officer survial training, you do not have the basis to determine the reasonableness of the number of shots fired.

    Thank you to all of the officers who protect our community on a daily basis.

    • Avatar Rocky says:

      Excellent explanation. Officers are taught to be calm and purposeful when attempting to de-escalate a situation. Once they are in a combat situation, it is a fight for their lives. There is no longer time to be slow and deliberate. And for those who are concerned about innocent bystanders- officers ARE taught to be cognizant of their surroundings.

      • Avatar TERESA says:

        keep track of the people who go to jail for DUI and you tell me which ones go to prison and which ones get out with a slap on the hand RACISM is very prevalent in Shasta county, our judicial system makes no sense. My condlences to the Wilson family

    • Avatar Ed N. says:

      Well said! I hope that more people will listen, and more importantly REMEMBER what you have said here. I said pretty much the same things back with the incident involving the bank robber on Cypress Ave. Unfortunately, you are right that most people think what they see on TV or in the movies is spot on, that one bullet is more than enough, the bad guy bleeds very little, no gore, etc. Simply put, if Law Enforcement has to draw a weapon, it is because they feel their lives or the lives of the public they are sworn to protect are potentially in jeopardy and they must be ready to protect that.

      What baffles me is the impression I am getting by people saying "Well, the suspect fired high, so he wasn't REALLY shooting at the police!" OK, first of all, exactly HOW is Law Enforcement supposed to know that? More importantly, even if the suspect is shouting "I'M FIRING HIGH!", would you honestly BELIEVE someone who is holding a gun and firing in your direction that they aren't meaning to kill you?

      I also wonder how sympathetic people would be if that "high shot" that people are stating the suspect made killed a baby or something (Law of gravity folks, what goes up, MUST COME DOWN..this is why they tell you not to fire guns in the air during New Years Eve, people have been killed by the rounds coming back down)

  22. Avatar Jerry says:

    "My cousin was very troubled, not always a good person, but he didn't deserve to die like that," Abbie Wilson said.

    Not said:

    It would, however, have been ok for a policeman to have died that way.

  23. Avatar A Mother says:

    The love for Kenny in his family will always be there and they have a lot of healing after such a tragic incident. It is hard to watch someone you love and that you are related to come to the end of their life, no matter how it happens. Why did he make the choices he did in his life? The reality of life is that for every action, there is a reaction. After reading the comment about Kenny would rather pass over than go back to prison, maybe this was his way out. Prison is an ugly place! It sounds like he would be spending the balance of his remaining life in prison. On the other hand, the Police were simply doing their job and although several shots were fired, there were no innocent people hurt which was a job well done on their part. It sounds to me that this was Kenny's way out to avoid returning to prison. His decision doesn't help the pain his family is going through now. The reality of the situtation is that when one makes bad choices in their life as Kenny did, it effects EVERYONE! His family, the community, the officers that had to take care of this sad situation.

  24. Avatar Steve says:

    I don't want to make it a personal attack on any poster, so here is a general comment.

    For many people, their "Knowledge" of : The law, police operations and tactics, effects of gunfire, and the aftermath of a shooting come from Hollywood in the form of a prime-time 40 something minute TV show. They have never made a serious study of any of the above. But they are certainly quick to offer their analysis of a police shooting where they were not even present.

    I enjoy reading the perspective of those who either: directly witnessed an event, have unreported factual knowledge of an event, or are qualified to offer an expert opinion of an event.

    Those who fall into the first category above and wish to offer their armchair quarterback opinions should first take the time to educate themselves on the foundational issues.

    When a person understands the issues at play, the comment that discusses having a police sniper shoot to wound in this encounter becomes ROFLMAO material.

    Once again, my sincere condolences to the family of Mr. Wilson.

    And my sincere appreciation for everyone who goes into harm's way to help protect this community.

    • Steve, I applaud your opening sentence: "I don't want to make it a personal attack on any poster, so here is a general comment."

      You illustrate how it's possible to express strong opinions without including personal attacks. Thank you.

  25. Avatar Steve says:

    I am sadden. I feel bad for the Wilson family and the family of the officers involved. I am native and have wore the police uniform for 15 years. If a suspect shot 'towards me', I too would have done my best to shoot that suspect, before he hit me or anyone else. At that point, it doesn't matter if they have brown skin, white skin or purple skin, they shoot, they open that Pandora’s box and they suffer the consequences of their own actions. In this case, it is the death of Mr. Wilson. The less visible consequences is the officers and their families living with this action.

    My prayers go out to all involved in this tragedy including Mr. Wilsons’ family and that of the officers and their families.

  26. Avatar C. says:

    My thoughts are with the Wilson family, this is/was a very tragic ending. Please people let them grieve in peace. Isn't this life hard enough without making something that is already hard even harder.

  27. Avatar Cassandra says:

    First off… he was a person. Maybe not the best person but still a human.

    No one has the right to judge anyone other then our maker! His family loved him very much. And however they wish to grive for the loss of their loved one is ok. Period. I'm sorry that people judge so quick. Just cause he has made bad

    Choices. Durning his life doesn't mean there are not people out there who cared about him. Everyone loves a criminal.

  28. Avatar An Old Friend says:

    Kenny may not have been a "good guy" all the time but he did have a heart.The Kenny I knew always had my back if ever I needed. I saw him walking one day when I happened to be in town and I didn't have time to stop and say what's up? And now I won't ever get the chance again. Don't let life get in the way and not take the time to stop for a minute to say how you feel. They maybe gone tomorrow and you'll never have the chance to say what you wanted. >RIP KENNY< Always in my heart.

  29. Avatar RDH says:

    I'm not always supportive of the actions of local LE as some will tell you.However in this case I agree with many in saying good job LE and good riddance to a bad seed.All you wannabe gangsters take heed.This is what awaits you in our town.

  30. Avatar Pat says:

    Rest in peace Mr. Wilson.

    Police are not to execute citizens but trained to shoot at arms and legs to disarm so they can make an arrest. The system should emphasize helping people fight addictions and not punish them.

    • Avatar captainrjc says:

      sorry to burst your bubble but cops are trained to shoot at center mass and you keep shooting until the Treat is neutralized.

    • Avatar CoachBob says:

      This post doesn't deserve a response…but in case anyone reads and actually believes this tripe…let me explain: NO police officer is EVER taught to "wing" someone. If you must defend yourself, you're trained to aim at the center of mass. That area in the middle of your chest. Period! Don't believe your cowboy movies.

      I drove by this "vigil" a few moments ago. Guess they want to cleanse his soul at the site of death. Too bad this family didn't try and cleanse his actions/attitude the past 20 or so years. He might be alive tonite.

      Furthermore, I'd be happy if the family were charged with harboring a fugitive. They all knew he was wanted. One thing to love the guy…another to help him be a criminal. Give up your vigil, go home and teach your kids how to be decent citizens if you're capable of it. If not…sit back and watch them follow in Kens footsteps. Sorry situation for sure.


  31. Avatar Missy says:

    Trapped in a world where no hope exists. Are you people listening to yourselves? Trained to do what? Unload forty bullets into a man who fired once? No one is saying that the police were wrong but excessive Hell Yeah! That was way out of line.

  32. Avatar Bethany says:

    Great coverage!

  33. Avatar Budd Hodges says:

    Well Wilson, ya blew it dude. Living as an outlaw never did make it and you blew your chances to become a good citizen as all of your folk wanted you to become. What went wrong? Where did you stray? If you had a second chance, would you make it better. I doubt it. All the kings horses and all the king's men can't put Kenny back together again.

    Sympathy to the family.

  34. Avatar david kerr says:

    Congratulations to anewscafe for running this story a day before the newspaper. It has reached the point I need to look at both sites for up to date news.

  35. Avatar JC says:

    Well, one less CRIMINAL off the street and less mouth to feed!!!

  36. Avatar CS says:

    It's all the same

    Only the names will change


    It seems we're wastin' away

    Another place

    Where the faces are so cold

    I drive all night

    Just to get back home

    <iframe width="300" height="255" src="; frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

  37. Avatar angel says:

    You shoot at the cops and they will shoot back! They are here to help us and he made the choice could have given himself up and lived. But made the choice to shoot. Its sad that someone has to go that far.

  38. Avatar Andar says:

    My thoughts and prayers to everyone involved in the shooting and the family.

    Parents really need to teach their children never to run from police and always show their hands. Whatever they fear will not be as bad as this result for family and those officers involved.

    This has happened many times before all over the country.

    "American Skin (41 Shots)" is a song written by Bruce Springsteen, inspired by the police shooting death of Amadou Diallo.

  39. Avatar Pat says:

    I wonder would would happen if the police had shot a white or black man 40 times? It is not too long ago there used to be a bounty on the heads of Native Americans. The genocide attempted has not been forgotten and the fight against prejudice is not over yet. All the more important for police and law enforcement to act as they should and shot to disarm not to kill. I pray that the law will do what is right and the officers will be sentenced. It is against the law to execute someone.

    • Avatar Andar says:

      wow, my heart goes out to anyone who has lost someone they love.

      But seriously, playing the race card? Tacky. This person had 10 warrants for his arrest had a loaded gun and shot it. Do you really think the officers trying to save themselves/partners/public and return to their families that night cared what color his skin was?

      Again, I am sorry for your loss.

    • Avatar rycee says:

      So do armed felons shoot to disarm law enforcement officers? No they do not!!!! Police are trained to shoot until the threat has been eliminated.No one knows how many rounds were fired. Like I posted before if he was pursued by RPD,SINTF&CHP all those rounds could have been from 3 or 4 officers.Don't shoot at police &I you wont get shot.Sounds like suicide by cop to me.QUIT PLAYING THE RACE CARD.You don't even know if all those involved are white.

    • Avatar TERESA says:

      yes I agree especially in public in front of children, there are ways of taking a person down without excecuting them.

  40. Avatar Larry says:

    My sympathy to the family. Great reporting Alan and Kimberly!

  41. Avatar rycee says:

    Has anyone stopped to think that the high number of rounds were fired by at least 4 officers.You had CHP,RPD&SINTF that's 10 rounds each.Not very many considering they carry high capacity magazines.Don't shoot at cops &told you will live.

  42. Avatar kennyscuz says:

    My cousin did lead a troubled life…a life many would and do condemn. This life in this world was not good to nor for him. I will make no excuses, though will say that on august 4 we were burrying my uncle who had recently passed…the last shovel of dirt had not even yet been turned when we learned of our loss of Kenny. We will and do love him with all our hearts. Sometimes people have such sadness and sorrow in thier hearts that life just doesnt seem "worth it"…that is a feeling that I gaurantee noone should ever feel. I will forever have Kennys little boy innocent eyes embedded in my heart…forever hearing his tears and sadness that, yes, we could not help him overcome…no matter how hard we tried. Kenny is now free…knows no more sadness and will ALWAYS be loved by us…his family!

    • Avatar rycee says:

      Very well said.He is free now no more pain

    • Avatar Nisha Wilson says:

      Yeah you would move the real true comments about how justic is to the community ,because you don't want no one to no how the redding police officers are to the people how bad the police officers are and how there is good and bad police you want every one to think and give praise to the police officers. That bullshit because this is america we have the right to speak the freedom of peace on behalf of a native man that had gotten MURDER by redding police officers .Now it your all for the police officers KILLING a NATIVE MAN ,then I take this as racisme,because we also have the right to speak out on behalf of a NATIVE MAN that can't speak for his self because he got murder.Now if it was a WHITE MAN then you would let all the white people speak there peace .

  43. Dear readers,

    I've removed some comments, something we're loathe to do here on Regular readers know this is a community site where we encourage constructive conversation and feedback.

    To newcomers, we're glad you're here and welcome your participation in this discussion. But we ask you to please stay on topic, and keep your words civilized and respectful.

    At some point, when a few commenters hijack the comments and drag them into the gutter for back-and-forth arguments, the point is lost and people stop reading.

    That's when we step in, remove comments or even disable the ability for readers to leave comments on a story, which would be a real shame.

  44. Avatar Robt-Shepherd says:

    Three police killings in less than two years. Remember that teenager on Cypress, with the toy pistol. Then over on South Market. Now again in the same area, the Kenny Wilson. No one denies police the right to defend themselves, but it's always that same rationale — they feared, they were afraid, feared for their lives, their safety. No one wants to undercut our police, But how about a little restraint? Suppose they had held their fire for a few seconds longer, and determined Wilson was not an imminent danger to anyone. It just seems so tragic we hear about police shooting down and killing these individuals. We want to support our police. They risk their lives for us. But this is getting crazy. Somebody makes a suspicious gesture, or might have a gun, or looked like he was armed. I don't want to second-guess, but haven't the Israelis started using bean bag guns, and rubber bullets, etc. Etc. We hear good things about the Sheriff Department, firm but fair, always ethical. Why not RPD, too?

  45. Avatar g. says:

    i have read alot of comments regarding this tragedy in the the redding searchlight and here. and somehow the community went from hes a monster and glad hes dead, he deserves it and all that negative stuff to actually sending their condolences to the family. i applaud you, you are human afterall! amazing isnt it?

  46. Avatar outsidelookingin says:

    yes it sucks when a person is killed no matter how it happens, but as a former criminal myself i can say this….i was taught at very young age to never cross that line with cops!!! they are trained to deal with the worst sort of criminals but also at the same time they are taught to deal with normal everyday folk as well. The problem however, is how do they know when they are dealing with kenny, (a true gangster) or joe blow from idaho?? You see that's just it!! They can't!! And that's why kenny is no longer with us… Unless you've been to prison and can understand the horrendous conditions in which as a inmate you are forced to survive, well, you will never quite understand why ole kenny went out guns blazing!! He's exactly where he wanted to be… With his maker, no more pain and suffering…No more crime no more punishment.. R.I.P. Kenny, My heart goes out to you and your loved ones during this tragic time..

  47. Avatar Phil says:

    Thanks R.P.D. , you saved some unknown persons from being this MAD DOG'S next


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