Slide Show: National Night Out Builds Bonds in Redding

Neighbors, law enforcement officers and local politicians met in driveways and parks across Redding Tuesday night for National Night Out, a day of building neighborhood connections and taking a grassroots stand against crime. At the Martin Luther King Jr. Multicultural Center, Shasta County Supervisor Leonard Moty said the event sheds barriers between residents.

“There seems to be so much polarity and separation these days. Politically and otherwise, Moty said. “As a community we have to be willing to come together and begin communicating from the middle.”

Longtime community activist Georgia Fowler added, “It’s little events like this that bring people out, away from their computers and video games. They get to really know their neighbors and what’s going on in the neighborhood.”

At a party in the Garden Tract neighborhood, Redding Police Lt. Tracy Beaupre said the night’s gatherings aren’t just superficial social hours — they foster safer streets.

“Are you kidding me? Neighbors who talk together, who know one another, are a powerful assistance to law enforcement,” she said. “We have had to deal with budget cutbacks, but an informed officer having those neighborhood connections really helps us to do a better job of keeping our community safer.”

Enjoy these images from the 2011 National Night Out in Redding on Tuesday night.

In these photographs:

– Women’s Health Specialist Danielle Brewster gets goodies for the kids at her booth while LIFE Center representatives invite a family to take a break on a blanket to play.

– Tracy and Leonard Moty chat with longtime MLK activist Georgia Fowler.

– Local National Night Out organizer Eddie McAllister is interviewed.

– Shasta County Supervisor Leonard Moty listens as Georgia Fowler talks about the importance of people getting away from their video screens, coming together and making a difference.

– Assistant to the City Manager Greg Clark shows his support with Redding Police Lt. Tracy Beaupre at the Garden Tract block party.

– James and Erica Stark watch as their son Landon, 3, chats with Redding Police Lt. Tracy Beaupre about the tools of the trade.

Photographs, captions and reporting by Alan Ernesto Philips; story written by Kimberly Ross.

Alan Ernesto Phillips is a proud son of Shasta County, a proud father of two daughters, and a local musician. He is a parenting educator, chemical-dependency counselor, victim-awareness counselor and developmental-asset builder and trainer. He also is a Clio and Telly award-winning filmmaker who produced and directed political campaigns for congressmen, senators, governors and one president (Ronald Reagan). His clients also included Coca-Cola, NIKE, CBS News and NOVA documentaries. He is a current board member and public affairs officer for the Northern California Hispanic Latino Coalition.

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what the heck good is a small group of neighbors going to do to help stop crime?” Wham-question!]





Lt. Tracy Beaupre, Watch Commander, RPD:

“Are you kidding me? Neighbors who talk together, know one another, are a powerful assistance to law enforcement!

“We have had to deal with budget cut-backs, but an informed officer having those neighborhood connections really helps us to do a better job of keeping our community safer.”

“Neighbors coming out together like this also can also find neighbors looking to each other for support when they need it most.”

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3 Responses

  1. Avatar Eddie McAllister says:

    Thanks Alan for covering this annual event, designed to focus on the Assets of a Neighboorhood and bring people together to share their needs,concerns and interests.

    Pictures are worth a thousand words, your pictures tell the whole story.

  2. Avatar Madaboutewe says:

    Our new neighbors at the corner gave our daughter the third degree when she was getting the mail the other day. They are unfamiliar with her and of course, she was mildly offended considering she grew up on this small street. We are glad for "nosey" neighbors who make sure people on our private road belong here. Nice photos, great story. Thanks

  1. August 4, 2011

    […] Send a message to criminals letting them know that neighborhoods are organized and fighting back.long with the traditional display of outdoor lights and front porch vigils, cities, towns and neighborhoods ‘celebrate’ NNO with a variety of events and activities. According to the Record Searchlight, National Night Out Public parties were held in dozens of Redding neighborhoods, including the Garden Tract, Martin Luther King Jr. Multicultural Center, Vista Ridge neighborhood, Gold Hills Golf Club, East Oak Park and Redding Aquatic Center. Photos are also available from A News Cafe. […]