The Autumnal Return of the Roses: Upcoming Regional Rose Shows

Photo: Our native Rosa californica. Between now and the the end of October, the Northstate will host two regional rose shows with longstanding traditions: On October 12, at Wyntour Gardens in Redding the Shasta Rose Society host their 28th annual… Continue Reading


Good Hips: Rose Hips in the North State Garden

This article originally appeared in the Butte Rose Society’s October 2011 Newsletter. Love roses? The North State is home to several wonderful rose societies, including Shasta Rose Society, Butte Rose Society, the Sacramento Rose Society. Our regions outstanding demonstration rose… Continue Reading

Good Hips: Roses in the Autumn Garden

Roses are like people – some just have nicer hips than others. Some have pretty faces, some have great legs, great shoulders. Some have good hips – especially in October. And I like good hips. To me, they speak of… Continue Reading


He Ain’t Crazy, He’s Your Brother

It’s funny how some people are eager to tell everyone they know about their high blood pressure or gout or last week’s asthma attack. The conversation may quickly turn into too much information, but you nod your head and say… Continue Reading