Menu Please: Come to Airpark Cafe for the Views, Stay for the Food

You’re at the airport waiting for your flight. You feel a bit peckish, maybe a little anxious, and decide to throw caution to the wind and get something to eat. You think about comfort food: a stack of warm cookies,… Continue Reading


Menuplease: Dry Creek Station – Diner Prices, Steakhouse Quality

Femme de Joie arrived late to the Dry Creek Station party. She had heard of it but had always assumed it was a sort of roadhouse-cum-greasy spoon with nothing much to justify the drive out east of Redding. Nothing against… Continue Reading


Sweetie’s Restaurant Stands Out On South Market Street

It might seem as incomprehensible to newcomers and young folks as journeying from Missouri to California via covered wagon, but once upon a time there was no Interstate 5. Instead, that ribbon of highway known as State Route 99 flowed… Continue Reading