Postcards from Egypt: ’30 million people filling the streets like a river’

What an amazing adventure the last three years have been. Never, when I decided to move to Egypt, would I have imagined I’d be living through history being made, or that my eyes would be opened to so many truths, lies and misconceptions that I had held for many years of my life. Continue Reading


Postcards From Egypt: Part 1 – In Their Shoes

Last night I was on the phone with my dad who asked me “what is with all the violence going on over there? The U.S. Government isn’t responsible for that movie.”  And what he said is the truth. Absolutely. As… Continue Reading


Postcards from Egypt: Part 2 – Generosity is a National Trait

There is only one thing Egyptians have more of than patience, and that is their generosity. I have never met a more giving and sharing people in all my life. As said earlier in Part 1, where I quoted Al-Hajjaj ibn… Continue Reading


Postcards from Egypt: Cairo Clashes Aren’t As Reported

CAIRO — Here’s an update of what’s happening in Egypt right now. Fresh clashes between protesters and the government have been going on for five days. Most of the news that the government is letting out is portraying the protesters as… Continue Reading


Postcards from Egypt: Salah ad-Din’s Castle

The night I arrived in Cairo it was after dark and we were in the taxi ride from hell, however I did open my eyes long enough for my soon-to-be husband to point out a huge castle as we drove… Continue Reading