Postcards From Egypt: Part 1 – In Their Shoes

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Last night I was on the phone with my dad who asked me “what is with all the violence going on over there? The U.S. Government isn’t responsible for that movie.”  And what he said is the truth. Absolutely. As a Muslim I was appalled by this man’s purposely and grossly false portrayal of the Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him, but I do not agree with the violence that has been the result. I also believe this was released purposely on the anniversary of 9/11 when emotions all over the world are highly sensitive and this man knew it. No matter what his intentions, I honestly believe this started out as a response to the movie, but has since snowballed into what is going on now. This movie was the last straw that broke the camel’s back, so to say.

As Americans we grow up believing that our country is the “center” of the world, the “super power”, and that we are more “moral” than third world countries. Unfortunately, that is more in line with thoughts of a megalomaniac.  So please read the following with an open mind, not a closed one controlled by mainstream media and the government. Try to put yourself in their shoes for just a moment, and try to understand “why the Middle East hates the American government”.

Since the attack on 9/11, tragic as it was killing almost 3,000 people, it has been the catalyst and excuse the U.S., along with the U.N., has used to invade, attack and kill as many as 2 million people or more compared to the nearly 57,000 Americans, soldiers and civilians (including those in the Twin Towers) that have been killed since the same date all around the world.  The statistics of this fluctuate depending on who does the surveys, but you can find the numbers on websites such as

In most of the countries in the Middle East, until now and even now, you can be arrested and imprisoned or killed for saying, posting or sharing online anything derogatory about the government in which you live. For people who live that way every day of their lives, how do you begin to explain to them what “freedom of speech is” and why the US who is so “powerful”  can’t control its own people. How do you explain why the U.S. and the West is so hypocritical when it comes to this? For example, this week someone took nude photos of the new duchess, and it’s seen as an invasion of privacy and they may arrest those responsible. However, someone creates a movie that insults and ridicules a religion, and purposely shares this clip ALL OVER THE WORLD knowing it would creates chaos and they are not touched as it is “freedom of speech”. In France you can draw caricatures of the Prophet, peace be upon him, and it’s “freedom of expression” but if you openly deny that the holocaust happened, you are arrested. Do you see the double standard here?

If ANY other country sent drones into US airspace, like the U.S. sends into other countries, they would be shot down and war would ensue. But since we’re the “great USA” we can do whatever we want and expect there to be no retaliation. If someone cuts in front of us in line at Wal-Mart, you’d think it was WW3, but when we bomb, assassinate, invade and occupy another country for NO other reason than to attain the G.O.D. of the U.S. (gold, oil, and drugs) we expect these people to not only understand but to thank us for helping them? REALLY? Over 2 million people killed. That is the equivalent of the State of Rhode Island being complete decimated, or the combination of the population of Montana and South Dakota DEAD. How can anyone who feels any kind of humanity accept this blindly? That’s one reason why the Middle East and the Arabs are angry at the government of the U.S.

Many of you may hate me for this article; some may say I am a sympathizer since I’m Muslim. But above all, I am human. All anyone really wants here is the same as in the U.S.  They want the right to live, and to be able to house, feed and clothe their family, and to give their children a good education and future. Right now many of these young people feel they have NO HOPE for a future. That is what these people are really fighting for. Wouldn’t you? Didn’t our ancestors who fought the English to become a “free country” have that same right?  When you have nothing to lose, what won’t you do to try to regain even a shred of dignity and hope? Can you then try to understand instead of condemning them?

Robyn (Asmaa) Payne was born in Weaverville, California and was raised in Mountain Gate where her family still lives. She graduated from C.V.H.S. in 1988 and has lived all over the country since then but always ended up back in Redding. In October of 2011 she left Redding once again and now lives in Cairo, Egypt, with her Egyptian husband and stepson. She loves to write and is looking forward to sharing more of her new country and the people and places she loves here.

Robyn (Asmaa) Payne was born in Weaverville, California and was raised in Mountain Gate where her family still lives. She graduated from C.V.H.S. in 1988 and has lived all over the country since then but always ended up back in Redding. In October of 2011 she left Redding once again and now lives in Cairo, Egypt, with her Egyptian husband and step son. She loves to write and is looking forward to sharing more of her new country and the people and places she loves here.
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36 Responses

  1. Avatar adrienne jacoby says:

    YOU GO, GIRL . . . we NEED to see more than one or two perspectives.


    • Avatar Robyn says:

      Thank you sister. It's too easy to become one sided in today's world. Thanks for your support! Salam aleikum (Peace be upon you)

  2. Barbara Rice Barbara Rice says:


    In so many of these news items it is made to appear that the entire country and all the people are involved in these riots – but is that true? I know the rioting has spread to many countries, but from your perspective, how many are actually involved?

    • Avatar Robyn says:

      Salam aleikum Barbara, You're right. The media only portrays the violence and sort of glorifies it. There were maybe a few hundred people at the embassy protesting. Which is a lot of people if you live in Redding….but in Cairo alone there is over 20 MILLION people. Not to mention 10 million in Giza and another few million in outlying area's outside of Cairo. So percentage wise there really were not very many people there. A lot of those there are younger people who are just fed up and really feel like there is no hope for them. Things are getting a little better since President Morsy was elected. But change is slow. The government was corrupt for over 30 years, it won't just change over night, but it's changing. Alhamdulillah (All praise be to God) and I just pray that the younger people will be patient. Many see tv shows of America and think EVERYONE in America lives on easy street and everything is perfect. When in truth, they have many more freedoms on a daily basis than the average US citizen. But the grass is always greener, right? LOL I try to talk to both sides, as many here are affected the same way as Americans are..they only see what the media shows them.

  3. Avatar Rachel says:

    Good to see a different perspective from an American Muslim.

    • Avatar Robyn says:

      Salam Aleikum Rachel,

      Shoukran (Thank you). Yes, it's easy to forget that not all the Muslims that live in the Middle East are Arab. Also many Arabs here forget that there are Muslims living in the US as well. I think both sides need to learn more about the TRUTH of both sides, not just what the governments and media's want us to know. We need to always question and find the truth.

  4. Avatar DougM says:

    France and England are not the United States. You cannot compare their laws to ours as legitimate argument. Freedom of Speech is a core right all people should have. The repression of it, by dictator or mob is wrong. Many Americans have suffered to try to bring these freedoms to the Middle East. They are doing the right and just thing.

    • Avatar Robyn says:

      Yes many have died for people to have the rights they have. But when do you draw the line on hypocrisy. Just this week there was a huge stir when a company tried to use a commercial of a pregnant Nun to sell ice cream.

      "Antonio Federici's advert showed a pregnant nun eating ice cream in a church, together with the strap line "immaculately conceived".

      The Advertising Standards Authority has ordered it to be discontinued, saying it mocked Roman Catholic beliefs."

      See the double standard? But it's okay to mock a prophet of God (be it Mohammad, Jesus, Moses or any other) peace be upon them, and it's "freedom of speech or freedom of expression"? That is why the Muslims and the Arabs are so upset.

  5. Avatar Larry says:

    "I also believe this was released purposely on the anniversary of 9/11 when emotions all over the world are highly sensitive and this man knew it."

    The trailer was posted on YouTube on July 2, 2012, not on 9/11 as you wrote. These protests were not spontaneous reaction to the movie but carefully orchestrated attracts.

    The media,and yourself would have us believe that off the street demonstrators routinely carry automatic weapons and RPG's.

    No doubt, this is an very insensitive America believe in freedom of speech.

    • Avatar Robyn says:

      "In early July, a YouTube user known as "Sam Bacile" posted a trailer for Innocence of Muslims, a vicious spoof of the Prophet Muhammad. The fourteen-minute video wasn’t a particularly good advertisement for anything — in fact, it failed to mention the title of the film. And for some time, it was all but ignored. Then, in September, dubbed Arabic versions began to appear in the Egyptian media."

      As you can see above, yes the original was released in July, but it was dubbed in Arabic in September. As for the automatic weapons and rpg's… I've been down in Tahrir Square and the ONLY ones who have weapons in Egypt on the street are the Military and the Police. Even during the revolution the only guns were kept at home for protection. Most people are not allowed to own guns, especially in Cairo. When you go out into the country, and have more tribal area's it's not surprising to see more guns. I have also heard people say that the Arabs are crazy as they have kids killing kids…and this isn't true either.

  6. Avatar Rachel says:

    What business did we have going there in the first place? The people over there have not asked for our help. Our men should not have had to be placed in harms way in the first place. We need to leave and let these countries sort out their own problems. The people are nervous and with good reason. The film was put out there to cause as much problems as possible. Just because someone has a right to put out filth like that does not mean they should.

    • Avatar Robyn says:

      Ameen Rachel! If you notice (since I have since I have been here) that the US only intercedes or "helps" if there is either Gold, Oil, or Drugs. They were quick to get involved in Lybia when only a couple thousands had died (they have oil). And yet in Syria where over 38,000 people, mostly civilians have been killed, the US does nothing. Syria has nothing the US wants. It used to be that the US was a moral country and wanted to step in to do "good" for other nations, or so we were led to believe. But what was Vietnam? One of the largest opium producers in the world at the time, and then in Afghanistan which is now the largest opium producer in the world. If you do the research, you will see except for WW2 when the US was attacked first and only retaliated were they really justified in war. But since then it's all about greed. And it's our American men and women who are paying the price for a few corporations and billionaires profits.

  7. Avatar Ginny says:

    Yes, it is necessary to have more than one prospective. Yet one must also have non-facts stated as factual.

    The anti-Muslin YouTube video was not released on 9/11. It was out there on the Internet in June or July and was known then. Was it bad to be so anti anyone's religion? Yes, absolutely. Do we censor such rhetoric? No. We do have free speech in the USA. Cutting off our rights is not the way to win anything. Should the USA make such things against the free speech law? No. Then, we — as citizens — would not be able to make charges, etc. against our own government by rhetoric such as used in this article? To shut off the video would also mean your article couldn't have been printed.

    In Egypt, there was the call for the riots to help free the radical cleric from his prison cell in the USA for his part in the first World Trade Center Bombing and killing. The horror of the Libya killings of four was in retribution for the killing of the #2 man in El Qaida.

    The majority of the Muslins are very good, devout people. The people must on their own, disavow the percentage who are out to destroy anyone who does not believe as they do by killing to promote their ideas. That is a sickness. There are holy men who send out the young after prayers to create more hatred, both within the Muslin world, but also in the non-Muslin world.

    One does not you see Christians out marching on any excuse that something has been outlandishly stated about their religion by burning, rioting, injuring, or killing. I think not. Is it OK to have individuals and groups deface Christian religious items? Are these individuals excused by the majority? Yes. Is what has happened these past few weeks acceptable for anyone, Christian, Jew, Muslin. Absolutely, no.

    Is the USA perfect. Heavens, no. Yet, it has brought more people here to live, work, grow a family in a land of many freedoms not come by in most countries. Freedoms are hard to come by. They should not be given up freely.

    Apples and oranges when it comes to using the Duchess, a little seen nasty video, and the Holocaust. Millions were killed in the Holocaust. It is a fact. Many today are trying to say it never happened. It did! There were more killing by Muslins on Muslins in Iraq than the troops did, and the Muslin radicals are still killing in the name of religion.

    Do I hate you for your thoughts? Absolutely not. My religion, Christian, forbids any hatred. It is a religion of forgiveness: turn the other cheek. Although some don't follow the teaching, but at least they are not out in the world killing by the thousands and hundreds of thousands.

    Do the young there feel there is no hope? Yes, I am sure many do. When a country becomes overpopulated, as so many have, whereas in the western world birth control of one kind or another is used, it makes hope for the future easier to obtain. At no time is killing, rioting the way to get "hope". To riot, to kill, to hate, or preached from it's churches/mosques by their holy people the way for hope. That will only bring on more sadness and loss of hope.

    • Avatar Robyn says:

      Salam aleikum Ginny. I agree and as stated above in a reply, the original trailer was released in July but it was dubbed in Arabic and then released in Egypt in September. As for the attacks in Lybia, those were planned, and it's very convenient because now the US has an excuse to send in drones into that country which they couldn't do before. But I won't go into that discussion.

      yes…and there is truth with "freedom of speech" but just because it's an American constitutional right doesn't mean it should be pushed onto other countries. The US is NOT the world…..I think that's our biggest problem … and it started with the people who came to the US…"our way is the best way" and if you don't like it, we'll kill you or drive you from your land. And that policy has been in place since. Ask any Native American, and they will tell you this is still going on.

      Also many people use the "freedom of speech" when it's fitting as a constitutional right, but then so is "freedom of religion" and I have seen many videos of protests in front of Mosques in the US where people were yelling obscenities, insults and being so disrespectful I could not watch all of it. Many of these people claim that they are "Christian" also… it boils down not to religion or "who is right and who is wrong" it comes down to common decency and respect for each other as humans. Equal, but not the same. We all have different cultures, different rules, different laws…and we need to step out and learn about each other..not Christians against Muslims but as Americans and Non Americans… and let live. We had two of my sons friends in our home two nights ago. One is Christian and the other and my son are Muslim. They sit together, laugh together, respect each other and are the best of friends and that is how it should be. We need to not let fear run our opinions of others…instead use knowledge.

      • Avatar Ginny says:

        Unfortunately, you are using assumptions among other things that drones will go into Libya.

        Other Christians come out against a church who calls themselves, Christian, but aren't. How many of the Muslins anywhere in the world do that against the mosques who preach hate? I feel very few. How sad for everyone.

        I am sorry that you seem to have a great amount of dissatisfaction with this Country. Some, I feel is learned. Too bad for both of us.

        Hate is a learned astmosphere/position/sickness. We are not born with hatred in our hearts. It is taught.

  8. Avatar Jennifer says:

    An accurate description. I am an American that also lives in Cairo. You pretty much summed it up. I am against making fun of anyone's religion, so this commerical also upset me. I don't believe against question religion, but making fun of it or using hate speech, I think that crosses the line. What is going on in this area of the world, really has little to do with the movie. It was the straw that broke the camel's back, like you said. In edition, most do not blame the US government. They understand that there is little the government can really do when it comes to such a thing. The outrage just comes from all the hypocracy on America's part. But if you pay attention, you would see that these so called Muslims, don't even pray when the athan is heard. They are there just to stir up more problems. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), never acted in such a manner when worse things happened to him. We can protest peacefully, but violence is never allowed.

    • Avatar Robyn says:

      Salam aleikum Jennifer,

      Yes I think a more appropriate response would have been to pray in front of the embassies.

      There is good/bad with everything. Countries, religion, people…..Just as there are many Christians/Muslims that follow what they profess to believe, there are also many who only have a belief and do not practice that belief. I had to move here to understand that. I was Christian since I was a child, and honestly Christianity and Islam are so close it's scary…….but even as a "Christian" I didn't act like one. I lived an immoral lifestyle, I was not the person God meant for me to be. I think it comes down to trying to understand to self educate ourselves about other cultures.

      Thank you Jennifer

  9. Avatar Robb says:

    Your article helps me understand how the anti-US anger is kindled. When people assume that messages are produced or approved by the government, then it follows that they'd be angry. I do think we have some tough sledding ahead to find a way where pointed disagreements can be explored without triggering anger.

    I haven't seen the movie, but from what I've heard it was designed to enrage.


    • Avatar Robyn says:

      Salam aleikum Robb,

      Actually, my husband and I watched it, and quite frankly I think the people who should be really angry are the ones who donated the 50 million dollars to this man, because I think they got ROBBED big time. I think most highschoolers could have made a better movie than this man did. Despite the fact that I think the whole thing would have been overlook if not dubbed in Arabic and spread purposely through the Middle East. And he knew since he's Egyptian, he's well aware of the consequences of this action. But I also believe a show of prayer in front of the embassies would have been a much better show of protest and would have reflected a better light on Islam. Thank you Robb for your support.

  10. Through civilized conversation comes greater understanding of each other's viewpoints.

    Thank you, commenters, for demonstrating that here today on, where most of you use your real names to express your viewpoints.

    Special thanks to Robyn and Jennifer, American women who live in Egypt, for your willingness to share your observations and opinions and help enlighten us.

    I appreciate you all!

    • Avatar Robyn says:

      Salam aleikum Doni and thank you. We all appreciate you so much more!!!

      In the second part of this I will add some useful YouTube Videos that are awesome at showing the history of Islam as a whole, not just the religion but how they governed and how Baghdad was once the center of the learning world, open to Christians, Jews and Muslims alike. I think understanding on both sides is the key. It takes patience. OH BOY does it take patience. Ask my husband. LOL Just basically remember that almost everything we have learned in the US is done completely opposite than here (at least in Egypt).

  11. Avatar name says:

    Robyn, do you tweet updates and news items, etc?

    I follow Bel Trew (@beltrew) and she does a good job with updates on the various MENA situations.

    I dont have any vested interest in anything over there, but I like to keep track of what is going on, and cannot do that watching ABC/NBC/FOX, etc. Al Jazeera does ok, but kind of biased towards the area (can't really fault them for that).

    What is the general consensus on Morsi? (if there is a general consensus…)

    • Avatar Robyn says:

      Salam aleikum,

      I don't tweet, maybe I should. Before now I had to be very careful what I said, as I was against the Military Council and they were monitoring FB and other sites and arresting anyone who said anything negative about them. Praise be to God that they are out. I personally did not like either of the candidates running as neither of them represented the people who stood up at the beginning and began the protests and died and lost loved ones. However, it is a start and now people will have time to find good candidates for the next election. It will take time to heal all the wounds that were caused over the last 30 years, but God willing it will happen. There are many good things happening, cleanup for one. The country had really become very dirty in the major cities and along road ways as garbage services were pretty much non existent. But with the loans the government has received Morsi is getting the streets cleaned up and I have heard that he is cleaning up bad areas and knocking down illegal buildings that have been built. So God willing things will be better with more time. Actually there are many freedoms here that the people have that we don't in the US, when it comes to laws and everyday things. Driving especially. LOL I will look into tweeting and if so I will give that information on here. And you're right, you can't go off the normal news and I watch in English but they sometimes are not accurate either. Thank God for places like and other independent papers that reach out for the truth. Salam

      • Avatar Doug Bennett says:

        Robyn, great that you have made the effort to tell the truth about what is going on in Egypt and much of the rest of the Middle-East. Egyptians need to stay mindful of Morsi. He has plans to indebt Egypt to the international bankers. You see what that is doing for the European Union and most of the African nations.

        Also, Americans need to understand they are being lied to on a constant basis by their government and corporate media. The CIA was in Libya before the overthrow of Gaddafi, and are probably still there. The U.S. has covert operations going in over 90 countries. This includes Libya, Syria, Iran, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Iraq and Afghanistan (of course) and many others. And drone attacks in Somalia, Yemen and Pakistan.This includes psyops in this country and others. Most corporate news media is simply parroting what special interests and government agencies want them too.

        Things probably are not what they seem.

        • Avatar Robyn says:

          Salam aleikum Doug, You are so right. I for one do not believe that the attack in Libya was not planned, however I question WHO planned it. I'm sorry, I love what my country stood for (it no longer reflects those values) but I do not trust it. The CIA is always behind anything that goes on, and they unfortunately represent America… It's sad that most people don't see that America's government created these issues and when things didn't turn out the way they wanted, they turned on the these countries and people that before they support with money, weapons and so on. Any psi-fi movie shows how our government works…"let's create a monster and then destroy it cause it doesn't serve our cause"…."oh and make sure the media says it was this or that so the people don't question us". I don't like Morsi and I believe what you're saying is true. There are many ways they could raise their own money without the help of other countries to do it. God willing things will work out for the best in time.

  12. James Montgomery James Montgomery says:

    Thanx for the perspective. We do, indeed, value our freedoms here, and many of us see the erosion of free speech, usually given fancy names like "hate speech" or "the Patriot Act." No doubt it is difficult for those who have never had these freedoms to understand the finer distinctions, when many here do not.

    As you say, any city with 20 million people will have a few idiots and nuts to incite to violence. It happens here, too.

    Thanx, again. I will pray for Egypt. God is God by any name, and certainly beyond my (Christian) understanding.

    • Avatar Robyn says:

      Salam aleikum James,

      You are so right. It only takes 1 or 2 people to ruin everything for everyone else. I pray for Egypt and for America, especially America, because since I left I see things a little differently. My husband says he just wants to be able to do what other people can do in other countries, such as decide to go on vacation in Italy and just go buy a ticket and leave. I didn't have to have a Visa when I came here, I got mine for $15 US dollars at the Cairo airport. But when someone from here wants to visit the States it can take years. It will be interesting to see how long it takes for my husband to get a travel Visa once we apply so he can come with me to meet my family. God willing, it won't take long. He doesn't want a green card, doesn't want to move there, he just wants to meet my parents and my children. I for one am a bit more nervous about coming back since I have been hearing very bad stories from friends who have traveled recently and it's getting very scary at the airports. You never know if they will just decide to arrest you for no reason. One friend who went on vacation back in the States and took her daughter was questioned for over an hour and they thought she had abducted her daughter. Thank God she had her birth certificate with her and all the papers to show that this child was hers. She wears her hijab when in the US, and from personal experience I can tell you that it makes a huge difference. God is God, AMEEN!! I wish people could see that, and understand more like you. Even in the Qur'an it says "Verily! Those who believe and those who are Jews and Christians, and Sabians, whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day and do righteous good deeds shall have their reward with their Lord, on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve." Surat Al-Baqarah 2:62. It says this in many portions, but all people ever read are the Surat's that say something about killing your enemy, and they are taken out of context (as many parts are talking about killing as a LAST option or in response to an attack at the time when the Muslims were being beaten, killed, imprisoned and starved). God bless you for having an open mind, an open heart and I think if people over all could just practice the golden rule "do unto others what you would have done unto yourself" the world would be a much more peaceful and happier place. Salam my brother.

  13. James Montgomery James Montgomery says:

    Don't get me wrong, tho. I strongly support the right to publish trash such as this film, and I condemn the violence, especially the murder of US envoys in Libya (who did not have anything to do with the film).

    I am glad you made the effort to point out that it is only a small minority involved. I also recognize that Egypt (almost alone among modern Arab nations), has a history of tolerance to other religions. As you point out, in the past Islam has been a bastion of enlightenment, especially Baghdad under the Caliphs. In the modern world, not so much, it appears.

    Thank you for efforts. The Great Jihad is so much harder than what is now called jihad!

    Peace, Sister.

    • Avatar Robyn says:

      Smiles….Thank you. Yes I have many friends here I know who are Christian, my family has friends that are Christians, and then you also have a large number of people who have transplanted from China and they have their own religion that is completely different than both of the other. It is very tolerant here. I even knew someone online who was from Israel and came here and when the taxi driver found out he came alone and had no friends/family here ended up taking him home and he spent the whole time with this man and his family. They took him all over seeing the sights, they paid for everything. This family was Muslim and he was Jewish. I have found that either people that come here either love it and miss it when they leave or they hate it. LOL I love it here. The people for the majority have such white hearts and they love everyone and will do anything for you. Even after being here almost 2 years, people find out I'm here from American they say "Welcome to Egypt, it is beautiful here now that you have come." Actually this happened yesterday from a cousin of my husbands family. Very sweet people. That is my whole want here is to help people understand Egypt more than what the media shows. Thank you again. Salam

  14. Avatar medinat funmi says:

    My prayer is for Allah to open all our eyes to see n knw d right thing to do n at d right time n directions.violence dnt solve anything we need peace n we should all pray n work towards it.

    • Avatar Robyn says:

      Ameen Sister. I pray that people can understand that the name "Allah" stands for the One and ONLY God. The same God as Moses, as Noah, as Jesus. The word in Arabic can only be used for God. In English you can say "God Almighty", and then just as easily say "the almighty dollar". Allah is the word in Arabic that describes and can only be used for God. The sad thing is we all serve the same God, Christians, Jews and Muslims alike, but we spend so much time fighting each other over who is right or wrong, that we forget God in all of it and only think of ourselves. We need to be able to co-exist and understand each other. I think if we can all agree to disagree in our beliefs and then have respect for those beliefs also the world would be much happier. And violence against the innocent is never acceptable. Whether you're a civilian or if you're the government.

  15. Avatar Dahlia says:

    Very true! Jazaki Allah khair for seeing things in their true light with no bias.

    • Avatar Robyn says:

      Shukran Dahlia,

      Shukran habibti. Inshaa Allah things will get better and people will stop and take the time to learn about each other before trying to kill each other.

      Salam aleikum

  16. Avatar Jufali says:

    Masha Allah… can't agree with you more sister. I'm being a mariner visited most of the countries of the world. Noticed the truth in every single word of yours.. May Allah grant Hidayah (guidance) to every human being…

    • Avatar Robyn says:

      Shoukran Jufali,

      Inshaa allah people will start to look at things for themselves. I believed everything I was told growing up, as an adult, but when you get "out of the bubble" and see things different you realize the world is so much more less complicated than you could ever imagine. People are basically the same at their core, home, family, life….they just want to come home, be happy, see their kids grow up and have a good life. Inshaa allah Hidaya will be granted. Ameen!

    • Avatar Robyn says:

      Shoukran Jufali,

      Inshaa allah people will start to look at things for themselves. I believed everything I was told growing up, as an adult, but when you get "out of the bubble" and see things different you realize the world is so much more and much less complicated than you could ever imagine. People are basically the same at their core, home, family, life….they just want to come home, be happy, see their kids grow up and have a good life. Inshaa allah Hidaya will be granted. Ameen!