Nerd Chick Adventures: Parental Control for Tablets – Set your own surfing standards

If the family computer has been getting a lot of miles on it lately – perhaps you have one or more youngster in the house clamoring for screen time – you may be in the market for a second PC… Continue Reading

Nerd Chick Adventures: Smartphone Security – Understanding Mobile Payment

If you’ve noticed offers at your gas station or grocery store to “pay with your phone,” you’ve seen what many claim is the future of how we’ll pay for goods and services: Near Field Communication, or NFC.  Whether you relish the… Continue Reading


Nerd Chick Adventures: Netiquette for the Digital Age

As children we were taught that there are a few cornerstones to polite social interactions: don’t interrupt someone when they’re speaking, say please and thank you and always send a written thank you note. Yet in today’s world of texts,… Continue Reading


Who has Time For Custom Gifts? Create Custom Gifts Online

Nothing says you put time, thought and effort into a gift like personalization. I don’t mean just pasting Uncle Barry’s name on the coffee mug you bought at Target. I mean creating something unique for that special individual. Before you… Continue Reading


Nerd Chick Adventures: Share Photos and Videos Like A Nerd

The opportunity to capture your adorable kidlet trying their first taste of lemon only comes along once. If you’re fast enough to capture that shot on your phone or camera, how do you share that priceless pucker with all your… Continue Reading


Nerd Chick Adventures: Online Identity Theft Prevention

On August 3rd, 2012, a tech writer for Wired’s “Gadget Lab,” Mat Honan, was the victim of identity theft. His iPhone, iPad and MacBook were remotely wiped, his Twitter account hijacked and his Gmail deleted. He lost irreplaceable photos from the… Continue Reading