To County Supervisors: Vote No on Proposed Palo Cedro Tierra Robles Development

First, I would like to thank you, our Supervisors for attending the planning commission meetings on the Tierra Robles proposed subdivision in Palo Cedro.

I would like to point out that Shasta County has over 180,000 residents, and during the Planning Commission meeting on April 6th, here in a full house, not a single resident spoke in favor of this project. Now, the legal team that accompanied the southern California developer, Mr. Geringer from Geringer Capitol were the only voices that were for this ill-fated project. These men that spoke had all been paid by the developer.

The general manager of Bella Vista Water District, David Coxie explained to the Planning commission that they did not have any water available for this project. He was trying to correct the record as stated in the EIR which implies that Bella Vista Water has 1000’s of acres of unused water. Again, they do not have any extra water. Mr. Coxie was very clear when he spoke.
The accuracy of the water supply and water demand assumptions are critical to all of BVWD’s current customers, as well as all of their future customers.

David Munro is a retired Battalion Chief in the fire service.

Guest Speaker

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