Letter to the Editor – Running On Empty: ‘Shasta County, Pull Your Head Out of the Sand’

Excuse the pause, but I hear my local TV newscaster/crime crier telling of another high-speed chase occurred one recent  Friday night. They didn’t have a fresh mug shot to show since the perpetrator ate his stash of methamphetamine and required hospitalization… Continue Reading

Letter: Sealing Tree Holes to Mosquitos Is No Great Fix

Dear editors: On Saturday, April 16, the Record Searchlight published an article about mosquito season and how homeowners can reduce the populations of mosquitoes in their neighborhoods. Particular attention was given to treehole mosquitoes, which are a nuisance indeed. I’d… Continue Reading


Letter: Give the Homeless a Hand, Then the Boot?

To those in authority who deemed it necessary to remove the cold and huddled community who found frigid refuge under Clear Creek bridge at the very spiritual gates and limits of our city:

I wonder, what goes through your mind?

Maybe we can recount history to find out what goes on in the homeless minds, hearts and souls … Continue Reading