Doni’s Away, We Can Play

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Happy Thanksgiving all!

Doni is living it up across the Atlantic and she asked if I could give you all some helpful Thanksgiving info. We created a few 60-second videos that are informational, immediately applicable and somewhat counter intuitive. I hope they help you along your health journey.

Let me know if you like, dislike, agree or disagree with any of the videos. Since Doni is off being a jet-setter, I will be manning the comment section. You have unfettered access to me! I would love to answer any questions you may have … and I love tough questions. Don’t be shy! Ask me anything! The more specific, the better! Chronic back pain? Ask away! Can’t keep weight off? Ask away! I’m here to serve while Doni is away!

Let’s make her sad she missed the fabulous discussions! 😉

Diets Don’t Work

Here’s a 60-second explanation of the metabolism and why starvation diets are a flawed philosophy!

Inspiration versus Motivation

Here’s a counter-intuitive and counter-cultural perspective on motivation.

Quality of Life

In this video I share Align’s philosophy about why we think your health and physical freedom is too precious to give up.

 Atmosphere Matters

Check out my philosophy on how critical the strategy and atmosphere is to the short-term and long-term success of any plan.

OK, let the debate begin! Ask away! I’m ready to answer.

Cheers, friends, and happy Thanksgiving!

Matthew Lister
Matthew R Lister is founder of Align Private Training and developer of The Align Method. He has an intense passion for seeing people control their circumstances and create a life they love. As a young adult, Matthew suffered a debilitating back injury that resulted in a decade on a cane, spinal surgeries, and a long road to recovery. Matthew says that his struggle with pain uniquely positions him to help others through his experiences. Today, Matthew has more than 1,000 life transformations to his name, and his clients fondly describe him as "obsessed about results".
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9 Responses

  1. Avatar Beverly Stafford says:

    What a great way to start Thanksgiving Day!  My question/comment is about carbs.  I hear over and over, carbs are bad!  I just don’t concur.  There is a vast difference between simple carbs and complex carbs, and my belief is that we don’t have enough complex carbs in our diets.  However, the eating plan you devised for Doni eliminated whole grains for quite a while.  What are you thoughts?

    • Matthew R Lister Matthew R Lister says:

      Great question! I love it. So first….you are correct. Carbs inherently aren’t bad. The first distinction that needs to be made is the difference between simple and complex carbs. Candy vs apples. Fast burning vs slow burning. Sounds like you already have that. The next distinction that needs to be made is that CARBS ARE ESSENTIALLY LITTLE ENERGY PACKETS. They provide the raw sugar needed for our bodily functions. Problem #1 – our society has refined these carbs/sugars to a point where we can eat an abundance of them without even feeling satiated. ie. a chipotle burrito with a day’s worth of slow carbs in one meal.   Problem #2 – and this one addresses why doni has decreased her carbs, YOU CANNOT LOSE WEIGHT/FAT WITHOUT BEING IN AN ENERGY DEFICIT. You cannot get the changes you want from your body without taking in less energy than you burn. Just a mathematical fact. So while doni and I don’t want her at her current levels of carbohydrates forever, it is a requirement in the short term to get the body changes she wants. Then we reintroduce carbohydrates over 4-6 weeks to reinstitute carbs back into your nutritional environment. That’s how you maintain the results you have achieved over the long term!  Hope this helps!

      • Avatar Beverly Stafford says:

        Thanks for your answer, but your statement:  “ie. a chipotle burrito with a days worth of slow carbs in one meal.”  Wouldn’t that be fast carbs?

  2. Avatar Annette Moell says:

    Help!   40 years and 40 pounds away from high school.    Where is a good place to start to make a positive difference for myself?   The videos did not work so I apologize if you explained this.  Thank you for the direction.   Self discipline around tasty food is a challenge.  There are great places nearby to walk  if I can discipline myself to actually walk instead of  planning to walk.



    • Matthew R Lister Matthew R Lister says:

      Hi Annette!

      I totally get what you’re talking about. These are the problems I help people solve every day. Sounds like you’re trying to solve two different problems!

      1) Nutritional changes

      2) Exercise changes

      On Nutritional Changes, first you need to connect with a real reason you want to make the change in the first place. Not a casual whim of a desire, but a true deep desire or a place where your standards for life are not being met. That will give you the staying power to sacrifice the current moment of pleasure for a better future later. Then just begin making a tally on a calendar for every day you take a step forward installing self care habits. Also put a mark on the calendar for days when you don’t take care of yourself. Food logs work great for this too. Transparency is the key here.

      On Exercise Changes, you need to establish a structure that will force you to succeed. Set up an appointment with someone you don’t want to let down. A co-worker, friend, or trainer can act in this capacity. Once you have done it consistently for 4-6 weeks and you have felt the benefits of continuing this behavior you will need less support from others to keep going.



  3. Avatar Annette Moell says:

    Oops, that would be 30 pounds, 20 too many.

  4. A. Jacoby A. Jacoby says:

    Transformation strategist! What a mouthful .. . . even more to the point, WHAT A LIFE-FULL . . . of information and learning is represented in the title. .  And folks, let me tell you . . . he knows whereof he speaks! This philosophy WORKS!

  5. A. Jacoby A. Jacoby says:

    Okay . . .  you didn’t really think you’d get away with four little sentences from me, did you?

    This is in reference to the first video. DIETS DON’T WORK! Boy, howdy!! Am  ever, EVER living proof of that one. But I’ve noticed a trend that seems to crop up around people that tend to be overweight. We are tempted to treat missing a meal or a scheduled snack  as a good thing, and something that should be admired. “I had an early appointment so I didn’t have time to eat breakfast and then I had to be in the classroom until just now, so I haven’t  really had anything to eat since I had the apple and a cup of coffee at 7:30.”  STOP!!! As I understand it, every time you fail to fuel the body properly, you skew your metabolism even further out of balance.  Working with Matthew at Align will help you unravel the mysteries of “properly!”  Not eating and skipping meals is NOT something admirable. .

    • Matthew R Lister Matthew R Lister says:

      You nailed it AJ! If you don’t fuel your body it will shift into starvation mode. It will slow to a screeching halt along with your mental function and energy levels! Not advantageous!


      Fuel correctly for a healthy body in all aspects. Ditch the fad diets and just take care of your body. Simple stuff!  xoxox 😉