Menu Please: Country Kitchen – Something for Everyone

Femme de Joie misses the old Omelet House, up there on North Hilltop. No, it wasn’t a transcendental experience, but it was a pretty good place to get breakfast in a town where decent breakfasts are thin on the ground.… Continue Reading


Menu Please: Golden Lantern – Have Wok, Need Flavor

Did you ever see “Eat Drink Man Woman”? The story revolves around a gifted, skilled chef who has lost his sense of taste. (It’s the same exact plot as “Tortilla Soup,” where the characters are Mexican-American instead of Chinese.) Or… Continue Reading


Menuplease: Romo’s Tacos Keeps on Truckin’

It was Amico del Signore who first tried the taco truck on Westside Road, and reported with huge enthusiasm how fabulous the food was. When he first stopped by, a fellow diner waiting hungrily in line told him, “It’s the… Continue Reading


Menuplease: A Little Slice of Paradise at El Paraiso

Generally Femme de Joie doesn’t linger long in Anderson. It’s a place she passes through on her way to someplace else. But recently she was bopping around the environs looking at thrift stores and second-hand junque places (junque being high-class… Continue Reading


Menuplease: The Best Little Sandwhich Shop Really Is

Some strip malls, no matter how well located, seem to have problems keeping long-term tenants. Today there’s a parakeet groomer, tomorrow there’s a spatula sharpener in their old spot. Despite plenty of cars in the parking lot, few of those… Continue Reading


Menuplease: Yama Sushi – Slow Boat or Pleasure Cruise?

It was financial necessity of one Yoshiaki Shiraishi that morphed the traditonal sushi bar from a tiny space with few seats into a novelty production that coincidentally involves food. The owner of a sushi restuarant on the outskirts of Osaka… Continue Reading


Menuplease: The Lighthouse Serves Up Fine Fish

We are still a nation of meat-and-potatoes men and fish-and-salad women… I can’t even tell you how many women have told me that the one thing they’d like to change about their man’s eating habits is to get him to… Continue Reading


MenuPlease: Tortuga Bay Grill – There’s something happening here; what it is ain’t exactly clear

Femme de Joie was cheered when she heard that Chef Jeff Cerasaro was slated to open up shop again in the old Fiesta Azteca spot on Park Marina Drive (long-time residents will remember that as the old Jolly King when… Continue Reading


Menu Please: Jeff’s California Cattle Company Keeps ’em Coming Back for More

Entrepreneur Jeff Garrett started small: at a tender age he invested his money in the In-Dog-Nito on Hartnell (now Rita’s). From there he learned what local folks want: a clean, well-lighted space in which to enjoy well-prepared, classic American dishes… Continue Reading