Menu Please: Fire and Pizza at Cinders

In his 1983 book “Third Helpings,” journalist Calvin Trillin investigated the infamous Fried Chicken Wars of Crawford County, Kansas. It seems that Chicken Annie had made a name for herself in the 1930s until 1943, when Chicken Mary opened up… Continue Reading


Menu Please: El Delicioso Burrito: Don’t Fear Gas Station Cuisine

Jane and Michael Stern, those chroniclers of true American food, wrote in their 1986 travelogue-cum-cookbook “Real American Food” of the Southern phenomena of combining food and unrelated commerce: “Drive along a country road in the Mississippi Delta and you will… Continue Reading


Menuplease: Mexican in Anderson at La Casa Cuevas

When Casa Ramos closed in early 2009, La Casa Cuevas immediately opened in the same spot. Childress not being a main artery, and La Casa Cuevas not being part of a chain, the restaurant seems to be somewhat out of… Continue Reading


Menuplease: Lim’s Cafe – Retro or Relic?

Back in 1933 when Lim’s opened, Americans were afraid of Chinese food. It could be argued they weren’t wild about the Chinese people themselves and the fallout from that fell on the food, but that’s a discussion for another time and place. Continue Reading


Menu Please: Country Kitchen – Something for Everyone

Femme de Joie misses the old Omelet House, up there on North Hilltop. No, it wasn’t a transcendental experience, but it was a pretty good place to get breakfast in a town where decent breakfasts are thin on the ground.… Continue Reading


Menu Please: Golden Lantern – Have Wok, Need Flavor

Did you ever see “Eat Drink Man Woman”? The story revolves around a gifted, skilled chef who has lost his sense of taste. (It’s the same exact plot as “Tortilla Soup,” where the characters are Mexican-American instead of Chinese.) Or… Continue Reading