Late Summer Beauty of Buckwheats

It’s August. Drought or no drought, August is hot and dry in interior northern California and in most cases, our gardens are looking a little…worn, a little worse for the wear of our long, hot, dry summers. Every gardener I… Continue Reading


Stars of the Spring Woodland Garden: Trillium

With warm temperatures and little rain so far this winter, it will be interesting to see how the spring plants respond. In a “normal year” the first of the wild trilliums are up by late January….I will go looking for… Continue Reading


Beauty to Spare – Catie & Jim Bishop’s Desert Garden in Oroville

In the winter days, I spend my daydreaming time thinking about things I might want to change about my garden, or add to my garden. With such little precipitation in the past few weeks or in the coming few weeks,… Continue Reading