Oroville Evacuation Order Lifted; 2-1-1 Support Continues

The Butte County Sheriff has lifted the Oroville Spillway evacuation order, but an evacuation warning remains in effect as significant rainfall is expected over the next week. United Way of Northern California (UWNC) will continue to provide important information through… Continue Reading


Beauty to Spare – Catie & Jim Bishop’s Desert Garden in Oroville

In the winter days, I spend my daydreaming time thinking about things I might want to change about my garden, or add to my garden. With such little precipitation in the past few weeks or in the coming few weeks,… Continue Reading

Fall’s the Season For Running, Riding and More

Fall isn’t only for football. It’s also quite possibly the best time of the year for running and cycling, especially once enough rain has fallen to moisten the trails and to wash the grime and goatheads off the roads. We… Continue Reading

The Homesteading Instinct: an Interview with Chris Kerston of Chaffin Family Farms

It is now officially Autumn and the length of our days diminishes a little with each circle of the planet. In the edible garden, harvesting has gone on for some time as spring crops moved over for summer crops and… Continue Reading

The Run, Ride and Swim Calendar

When it’s hotter than Hades day after day, I find myself needing motivation to leave an air conditioned house and head outside for the daily run or bike ride. I get the necessary motivation in the form of a race… Continue Reading