Social Networking 101: Getting Twitter

If you aren’t an addict yet, you will be. That’s what one of my Twitter friends, Ron Graham, said when I asked on my Facebook page what people thought about Twitter. And as northstate friend Erin Friedman indicated, Twitter prompts you to… Continue Reading


Social Networking 101: Getting Facebook

Facebook?  Facebook!  Facebook …  I’m a Baby Boomer reviewing this astounding social media networking site boasting 400 million members and growing daily. Do you realize the membership of Facebook exceeds the current population of the U.S. by over 30 percent? … Continue Reading


Journey to Chile: the People, Part 1

When I woke to fog, I questioned whether I would see Chile the next morning as scheduled. This trip started with my commuter flight in Redding, which was to get me to L.A. in time to catch a noon flight to Santiago. Fog isn’t a huge issue in Redding – after all, we’re not coastal – so why now? Arriving at the airport, we saw the airline staff was checking in bags, and I thought, “Cool… we’re ON!” But… Continue Reading