Moving About? Eat an Onion for Health


No matter what we have on our daily schedules (working, parenting, school, moving, traveling), we don’t have time to get sick!  I got an email recently about an onion, and it got me wondering…

Onions have a variety of medicinal effects. Early American settlers used wild onions to treat colds, coughs, and asthma, and to repel insects. In Chinese medicine, onions have been used to treat angina, coughs, bacterial infections, and breathing problems according to this vegetarian-nutrition website.

There are some who say to leave an onion in a jar by your bed at night if you are coming down with a cold as it will attract all the nasties and you will feel better in the morning. My friend who sent the email said her mom use to put garlic in her socks when she had a cough. I would think if garlic works, so would onions!

I don’t know who wrote the “onion email” to begin with – it’s one that has been circulating – but I did a little background check, and some believe onions have shown to have medicinal qualities through the ages. They may not “cure all ills” but they’re cheap and they taste good, so…  Besides, believing helps make it work, right? It’s that psychosomatic thing.

I’m on my way to Chile and know that I’ll be cooped up in a plane for several hours with that wonderful recycled air. I think I’m going to tie an onion around my neck. Stay tuned for some adventures about Chile.

Oh, and if I do tie that onion around my neck? I’ll be sure to have a photo taken and share it with you.

Photo above by Mary Lascelles

Mary Lascelles, a k a Relo-Mary, is a Palo Cedro, Calif., resident who owns a concierge relocation service,, operating across the United States and Canada to assist people with every aspect of their selling, buying and moving needs. She can be reached at 530.515.6299.

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12 Responses

  1. Avatar Bill Nigh says:

    Onions and Garlic – We love them, and eat them a LOT. I have had zero colds in the last few years; actually do not remember the last time I had one. Granted, we have no kids, which I think is a big factor.

  2. Avatar MJM says:

    Well, I've always enjoyed eating raw onions… they taste great with mayo also — as a snack. My mother used to tell me that that onions helped a person sleep and as a kid I used them as a sleeping pill (not sure if they really worked or not — but I still enjoy eating them) — the only problem with onions (and garlic!) is the post-perfume effect (if you know what I mean – lol;)

    I think you're on to something here, Relo — tying an onion or some garlic around your neck before boarding the plane should repel most of the other passengers — it could be a win-win: (1) you stay healthy and (2) those people with germs won't want to sit next to you. (Good idea and organic too).

    But you could get stopped in Customs for bringing fresh (unauthorized) vegetation into Chile. Move cautiously.

    Whether you decide to wear onions or not — have fun, stay healthy and travel safe!


  3. Avatar RON CLARK says:



  4. Avatar ReloMary says:

    O.K., so off to LAX – I've got to find a bloomin' onion. Perhaps stop at the Outback on the way. See you in Chile next…is what I'm thinking. Glad to see you guys here. Stay tuned for more from the Southern Hemisphere. Woo Hoo!

    • Avatar MJM says:

      Just remember Mary, water flows down the drain there counter-clockwise. That's probably all you need to know. (Have great fun!)

    • Avatar DJ says:

      Thanks so much for the health tip. I will try anything natural before I start taking some yucky manmade product. Besides, who doesn't love an onion?

  5. Avatar Lulu kelly says:

    I grow about two hundred stockton red onions a year….I love onions. I Love that they are medicinal, that's very fun. Love this article.

  6. Avatar RecrutrNatalia says:

    I agree with the many ethnicities that eating an onion or garlic will keep the evil spirits (colds) away. Ukrainians, are known to eat raw onions and garlic. Having never eaten a raw onion or garlic before, a few years ago I couldn't shake a cold I'd had for quite some time, so I decided to have a garlic sandwich – and it worked! Now, whenever I feel a cold coming on, I grab an onion or garlic, chop it up finely and put it on a slice of bread and butter – yum!

    Great article Mary!

  7. Avatar Lana says:


    Coincidentally, today I ordered ensalata Chileno. It consists of lots of thinly sliced oniions and tomatoes with a sprinkling of cliantro. A squeeze of lemon and little splash of olive oil tops it off. .

    Thinking of you with the onion around your neck flying in the air with your earplugs and sleep mask! Funny thought.

    My childhood good friend, I am looking forward to welcoming you at my place in Concon, Chile. We have a view of the ocean from our bedroom window. We are giong to laugh alot, drink good wine and eat fabulous fish together.

    I am smiling wide.

  8. Avatar Christine Hueber says:

    A Sicilian neighbor when I was a child ate onions when she had a cold. It made a huge impression on me, obviously!

    Enjoy your trip,
    Christine Hueber

  9. Avatar ReloMary says:

    We found the biggest onion yesterday where we ate lunch in ConCon, Chile. I will be writing more as the internet is available. Still a bit sketchy but please stay tuned. What an adventure this is.

  10. Avatar Ravi says:

    Bon Voyage….Gracious Dolphin mother !

    Keep walking !