Found Objects & Fur: In the Artist’s Studio with Ursula Guderian

Jewelry artist Ursula Guderian’s eclectic collections, made from found objects, exotic beads and pounded metals, look and feel like they belong in another era. Part industrial age, part roaring 20s and part romantic Victorian, her pieces are made with love and detailed attention in her Igo studio … Continue Reading


‘In the Artist’s Studio’ with Mike Karns

Announcing: The winner of the 2010 Redding Rodeo Logo Competition, Michael Karns. Congratulations! What made you enter a contest for the Rodeo logo? Well, I work as the Graphic Artist for Shasta Creations and I wanted to see if my… Continue Reading


‘In the Artist’s Studio’ with Rodney Thompson

Award-winning professional artist Rodney Thompson’s art meets life.  His rich encaustic works are a reflection of his love of natural environments, Eastern cultures and rituals, and his personal sense of calm.  I visited Rodney’s studio and chatted with him about… Continue Reading