Lightly Visited Public Lands May Gain Higher Profile

Legislation that would designate nearly 18,000 acres of public land along the Sacramento River, Battle Creek and Paynes Creek in Tehama County as a national recreation area has been introduced in Washington D.C. by California’s two senators, Dianne Feinstein and… Continue Reading

On Sunday, Take a Kid Mountain Biking

What: Redding Mountain Biking Club and Redding’s Bureau Of Land Management hosting Take A Kid Mountain Biking day When: Sunday (Oct. 3), 9 a.m. Where: Swasey Recreation Area The Redding Mountain Biking Club, in association with Redding’s Bureau Of Land… Continue Reading


A Trail Construction Primer

Four of us were struggling to keep our footing on the side of a hill covered with tall, dry grass. Dead ahead of us was a thicket of poison oak and 10-foot-tall manzanita. We were marking a potential trail route… Continue Reading


Our Recreation Trails Just Get Better

The new exercise course along the lower stretch of Clear Creek must be the most incongruous trail project in Shasta County. But building a par course in the semi-wilderness must not be too bad an idea, because I keep going… Continue Reading

You Can Do This: Blazing Saddles Mountain Bike Race

One of the finest recent additions to the Redding area’s trail inventory is the 16-mile trail system developed during the last few years at the Swasey Recreation Area. Located on Bureau of Land Management holdings roughly 4 miles west of… Continue Reading