Police Arrest Man Who Beat Victim into Unconsciousness; Charges Include Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Elder Abuse

Redding Police Department Elder Abuse Investigator Boun Kongkeoviman speaks with Christopher Meagher. Photo source: RPD Facebook page.

Christopher Joseph Meagher, whose violent acts were captured on The Tropics bar surveillance footage,  is in custody at the Shasta County Jail for his attack upon a hearing-impaired man who’s known thus far as only “Bob”.

Meagher, 45, who also goes by the name “Red Red” on Facebook, was arrested by Redding police Saturday and booked into the Shasta County Jail Sunday for the assault that took place at The Tropics, a South Market Street drinking establishment affectionately referred to by patrons as “a dive bar”.

Photo source: The Tropics Facebook page.

The arrest followed Meagher’s videotaped attack upon a man who was seen in the surveillance video holding the leash of a medium-sized black dog.

Although there is no audio on the video, the footage showed Meagher as he beats Bob literally into unconsciousness as Elizabeth Bailey, Meagher’s female companion, looks on. The couple then leaves the injured man on the pavement.

Police charged Meagher with assault with a deadly weapon with force and possible great bodily injury, and causing injury in an elder/dependent adult.

Meagher’s bail is set at $25,000.

According to Shasta County’s inmate directory, the red-haired, green-eyed Caucasian Meagher stands 6 feet tall and weighs 200 pounds.

Christopher Joseph Meagher was arrested Saturday and booked in the Shasta County Jail Sunday.

A News Cafe first broke the story of the assault Sunday morning and published The Tropics’ surveillance video that was given anonymously to Nathan Pinkney, the Redding satirist who alleges that Meagher was also the one who assaulted Pinkney on May 4 at the restaurant where Pinkney previously worked.

The question posed in Sunday’s headline, “Violent Attack of Elderly Man Prompts Question: Did Same Assailants Assault Nathan Pinkney?” is answered in today’s story in the affirmative: Yes, according to Pinkney, the couple who assaulted the elderly man Friday at The Tropics bar on South Market Street in Redding was the same couple who assaulted him on May 4 at The Market Street Blade & Barrel restaurant a few blocks north of The Tropics.

The May 4 assault upon Pinkney was initiated by a visit to the restaurant by Carlos Zapata, the thin-skinned militia member and belligerent Red White and Blueprint leader who tossed a glass at Pinkney after vowing to come into the restaurant to let Pinkney know exactly what Zapata thought of the comedian’s satire that mocked Zapata. The glass was thrown with such force that it shattered and Pinkney was wet from the contents of the glass.

Pinkney, who filed for and was granted a temporary restraining order against Zapata, was fired from his sous chef restaurant job following the attack. His former employer is Facebook friends with Zapata, who’s stated on social media that he and Scott Odell, Pinkney’s former boss, are friends.

Speaking of connections, Bailey, who participated in the attack upon both Bob and Pinkney, was one of Zapata’s Palomino Room employees.

Elizabeth Bailey. Photo source: Facebook

Bailey is also the daughter of Nadine Bailey, a well-known North State resident who’s been a vocal advocate for forest families and rural issues.

Nadine Bailey, Elizabeth Bailey’s mother.

Nadine Bailey is the current CEO at the Family Water Alliance. She has deep Republican political ties, and has worked for State Senator Sam Aanestad, Assemblyman Dan Logue and for Assemblyman Brian Dahle as a field representative and a district director.

‘The truth will be told’

On May 10, A News Cafe reached out for comment to Pinkney’s previous employer, Scott Odell, who owns the Market Street Blade & Barrell and who terminated Pinkney’s employment at the downtown Redding restaurant after the assault. A News Cafe received a response from Odell that said he couldn’t comment except to say, “All this will come out soon and the truth will be told.”

The public still waits for the police to release the restaurant’s video so, as Odell says, the truth will be told.

It’s been 54 days since Pinkney’s assault and yet the Redding Police Department still hasn’t released the video that would show exactly what happened the night Pinkney alleges he was attacked by Chris Meagher and Elizabeth Bailey. And if Pinkney is, as RPD claims, a victim, then why hasn’t RPD brought charges against his alleged perpetrators? Likewise, the Shasta County District Attorney has still not released a report on the incident, either.

According to Pinkney, Meagher’s Friday-night assault upon the older man could have been prevented had the Redding Police Department arrested and charged Meagher for the May 4 assault upon Pinkney.

In the graphic video, Meagher was seen exchanging words with the older man before slamming the older man against the wall multiple times until the older man falls to the ground where he lands on his back face up, and remains unresponsive as the man’s dog appears to cower by his owner’s legs.

The video also showed the heroic efforts of a unknown man with a cowboy hat who took the initiative to check the fallen man’s pulse, and then lightly shake the man’s shoulder, and finally resort to administering CPR when it appeared the elderly man was still not moving.

Bob’s last name is still unknown, however, one commenter on A News Cafe, Ronnie C., described the man he knew as Bob:

“I have known Bob for 7 years. He’s a sweet, kind old soul who accepts and loves everyone. He is always smiling and offers hugs to ANYONE who is having a bad day. He is a sweet deaf old man who supports the LGBT community openly, and always has a kind word.

This is attempted murder. He looked already unconscious after the second attack, the third was an attempt on his life.”

The anonymous person who gave Pinkney The Tropics’ surveillance video knew that Pinkney has claimed for nearly two months that he was assaulted at the restaurant, first by Meagher’s friend Elizabeth Bailey, who Pinkney alleges grabbed him by the shirt, ripping it in Bailey’s attempt to drag him outside the restaurant. After than, Pinkney alleges Meagher punched him in the face, resulting in swelling and bruising.

Nathan Pinkney following the May 4 assault.

Bob’s last name and the status of his medical condition still remain unknow at this time. A News Cafe will provide informational updates as they become available.

Meanwhile, according to one legal website, Meagher, aka Red Red, faces some potentially dire legal consequences:

“Assault with a Deadly Weapon (ADW) is a very serious charge that carries very serious consequences. A defendant who is convicted faces a possible sentence of several years in State Prison, thousands of dollars in fines, and a strike on his/her record under California’s Three Strikes Law. Additionally, if convicted of felony ADW, you will lose your right to vote, your right to own and possess a firearm, the ability to obtain many jobs, and your right to obtain certain types of government benefits.”

In the video, after Meagher violently incapacitated Bob, Meagher swats Bailey on the rump and the two walk away, leaving an unresponsive Bob alone on the ground with his dog tucked in close beside the pet’s master.

A News Cafe readers expressed overwhelming messages of support for Bob’s well-being, and outrage that the incident happened in the first place. This excerpted comment by Dale Constance was typical:

“What kind of Monster is this beating up an 80 year old man?!! Chris needs to be locked up for attempted murder NOW ( if Bob survives ) and his girlfiend Elizabeth as an accessory to attempted murder.”

Redding police did the right thing when they arrested Meagher and booked him in the Shasta County Jail.

Perhaps they’ll now turn their attention to examining the role Meagher’s friend Bailey played in the Friday-night assault. Finally, now that Meagher’s in custody, it’s a good time to release the video that shows Zapata, Meagher and Bailey’s alleged assault upon Pinkney on May 4 so justice may finally prevail and those who assaulted Pinkney will suffer consequences for their violent, criminal behavior.

It’s been 54 days. It’s long past the time for the Redding Police Department to make public the May 4 video.

While we wait, we can watch The Tropics surveillance video, and remind ourselves why RPD’s decision to arrest Meagher was the logical, legal and ethical response, and why it’s equally imperative for RPD to release the May 4 surveillance video from Market Street Blade & Barrel restaurant.

Read the entire RPD press release about Meagher’s arrest below:

Redding Police Department


June 27th, 2021 at 11:10 P.M.
RPD Case No. 21R042167
Suspect Arrested Related to Recent Assault at a Local Establishment

On Saturday, June 26th, at 1:30 A.M. Officers were dispatched to an assault of an elderly man that occurred at 2555 S. Market Street, The Tropics. Officers learned the 73-year-old victim had been assaulted and knocked unconscious. The suspect left the business prior to officers arrival. The victim was treated at a local hospital and later released.

During the investigation, officers viewed video of the assault and they were able to identify the suspect as Christopher Meagher, 45 years of Redding. Meagher’s vehicle was also identified. Immediately following the incident, officers attempted to contact Meagher at his residence, but were unable to locate him. On Sunday, June 27, 2021, Officers were able to locate Meagher at an associate’s residence. He was arrested and transported to the Redding Detectives Division where he provided a statement to Elder Abuse Investigator Kongkeoviman. Meagher was subsequently booked at the Shasta County Jail for assault and felony elder abuse and is being held on a $25000 bail.

Contact: Corporal Wes Townsley
Redding Police Department

Editor’s note: This story has been edited and updated for clarification. 

Doni Chamberlain

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