Collusion Course: Can America Survive the Mueller Investigation?

One of many popular “shirtless Putin” memes found on the internet.

President Donald Trump is his own worst enemy. Vanity always gets the best of him. Presented with the perfect opportunity on Monday at the Helsinki summit to repudiate Russian President Vladimir Putin for what increasingly appears to be Russian state interference in the 2016 presidential election, Trump chose to defend his own interests—and Russia’s—instead of America’s.

“My people came to me, Dan Coates, came to me and some others they said they think it’s Russia,” Trump equivocated when asked about the U.S. intelligence community’s universal assessment that Russian cyber operatives meddled in the 2016 presidential election. “I have President Putin. He just said it’s not Russia. I will say this: I don’t see any reason why it would be.”

I watched the live stream of the press conference, which concluded with Trump once again declaring Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s investigation into alleged Russian collusion with his campaign a “witch hunt.” Then a media feeding frenzy, the likes of which I’ve never seen exploded on the internet. Blood was in the water—Trump’s.

The president’s remarks forced Coates, his Director of National Intelligence, to immediately issue a statement that Russia did indeed interfere in the election, as alleged by a Department of Justice indictment of 12 Russian intelligence officials issued 72 hours before Trump’s meeting with Putin.

“We have been clear in our assessments of Russian meddling in the 2016 election and their ongoing, pervasive efforts to undermine our democracy, and we will continue to provide unvarnished and objective intelligence in support of our national security,” Coates said.

Former CIA director John Brennan called Trump’s remarks “nothing short of treasonous” on Twitter; all the mainstream channels, including Fox News, picked the tweet up. New York Democrat Sen. Chuck Schumer called for more economic sanctions against Russia. Anderson Cooper declared Trump’s performance “disgraceful.”

Then the Republicans chimed in. House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell agreed that Russian interference took place in the election and reminded Trump that Putin is our enemy. Even Sean Hannity admitted Russian election interference had occurred and probably helped Trump win the election—in Trump’s presence, no less.

How exactly did the Russian hacks of the Democratic National Committee’s server undermine our democracy, besides being a flagrant violation of an agreement between the U.S. and Russia not to engage in such activities?

The theory is that leaked internal DNC communications demonstrating bias in favor of Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders in the primaries caused Sanders’ supporters, already convinced the primary process was rigged, to either not turn out for the general election or vote third-party. Thus Trump eked out an improbable electoral college victory.

Until U.S. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosentein, who oversees the Mueller investigation, announced the indictment of 12 Russian intelligence officials last Friday, I was highly skeptical of this theory. Now I’m not so certain.

According to the detailed indictment, Russian agents used the fictitious online identity Guccifer 2.0 to disseminate the hacked DNC emails to news organizations, including Wikileaks, perhaps without publisher Julian Assange’s knowledge. They also set up DC Leaks, which appeared to be an American website but was actually a Russian front.

It so happens that I regularly visited both Wikileaks and DC Leaks during the campaign. As a Bernie Sanders supporter, I was infuriated with the DNC’s manipulation of the primaries in Clinton’s favor. I didn’t stay home on election day. I didn’t vote third party. I voted for Trump, in protest, knowing my vote wouldn’t swing the election because California is a solid blue state. If the allegations in the indictment are true, it’s fair to say Russian meddling influenced me to some extent.

Perhaps my vote, which I’ve since come to regret, didn’t count for much. But what about people just like me, in swing states like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, which Trump won by a total of a less than 80,000 votes?

Obsessed as Trump is with winning, he has never acknowledged the narrowness of his electoral college victory. In his mind, he has a mandate, and the possibility that Russian interference threw the election in his favor is unthinkable. It irks him that he might not have won the election all on his own, fair and square.

So naturally Trump isn’t going to admit that Russia interfered in the election, even as Putin presented a perfectly plausible explanation why it might: In the campaign, Trump had expressed a willingness to have better relations with Russia, pretty much the opposite of Clinton and the Obama administration’s policies. For Putin, what’s not to like?

This is where things get a little complicated, at least for me. Trump, in my opinion, was more than a little bit right when he stated in Helsinki that both sides share blame for the present tensions between Russia and the United States. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, U.S.-led NATO has expanded to Russia’s borders, in violation of an agreement between the two countries.

NATO’s disastrous intervention in Libya in 2011, scripted by then-Secretary of State Clinton, destabilized northern Africa, created a refugee crisis in Europe and allowed ISIS to spread to Syria. There, they almost achieved the U.S.-desired goal of toppling Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad—until the Russians stepped in, at Syria’s request, and stopped the Islamic State in its tracks.

Trump rightly criticized the Libyan intervention during the campaign and pledged to halt our endless wars in the Middle East. His overtures to Putin and Russia were along similar lines. “Wouldn’t it be nice if we had peace with Russia?” Trump intoned at his rallies. Yes, it would be nice, and completely counter to the polices of both the Bush and Obama administrations, not to mention the whims of the military industrial complex.

Like a lot of people who consider themselves anti-interventionists, conservative and liberal alike, I bought into Trump’s proposal for peace with the Russians during the campaign. Syria remains a hot spot where a chance incident between Russian and American troops could spark WW III between two super powers possessing 12,000 nuclear weapons between them.

Yet peace with Russia has never looked more distant than it does now, in the wake of Trump’s Helsinki debacle. Moreover, as the Mueller investigation builds momentum and the midterm elections approach, America is as divided as it’s been since the Vietnam War and the Civil Rights era. We’re on a collision course with a Constitutional crisis that threatens to wreck the republic.

Fasten your seat belts.

R.V. Scheide
R.V. Scheide has been a northern California journalist for more than 20 years. He appreciates your comments and story ideas. He can be emailed at
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  1. Avatar bruce vojtecky says:

    Regarding DNC collusion in sabotaging Bernie Sanders campaign, I remember articles appearing in several mainstream media that DNC collusion was found and they forced the resignation of the DNC head. In Wyoming the Sanders people complained that the DNC had interfered with the Sanders campaign and the Wyoming DNC leaders were changed after the election. Like Shasta County, Russian interference would have made little difference in Wyoming because as California is solid Democrat Wyoming is solid Republican.
    Would it have made a difference in the Midwestern states that voted for Obama but voted for Trump? Probably? Those states have always had a rebellious element against the Federal government and it wouldn’t take much to switch swing voters over to Trump.
    In the modern day politics the ads attack the opposition candidates rather than promote their own candidates leaving collusion open. In Wyoming, several Conservative organizations based out of Texas, have tried to turn Wyoming into a solid right wing state. The state is small enough that they could except the state is also small enough that residents know and see their political leaders all the time.
    Now in Arizona I can see where Russian, or anybody else, could interfere with the electoral process. In fact interference charges have been leveled, by both sides, against everybody from the Governor down to the dumpster divers.
    My only saving grace is I did not vote for Trump. I voted for Romney which in Wyoming was not a wasted vote but a protest vote against the two worst candidates ever to run for president.
    I believe Trump is toast for 2020 but when I read the list, in several media outlets, about the DNC supposed presidential candidates I have to take pause. Oprah, really? Yeah she says no but why is she still on the list.
    Oprah verses The Rock.

    • In the recent indictment, the DOJ states they could find no evidence that Russian interference actually changed the outcome of the election. The consensus among polling experts appears to be that Comey’s announcement about Anthony Weiner’s laptop weeks before the election may have tipped it toward Trump. I agree the Democrats have not yet come up with a winning strategy or presidential candidate for 2020.

      • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

        I read the DOJ statement more narrowly. It said that the indictments of Russian operatives did not include findings of swaying the outcome of the election, nor did the indictments include charges of collusion by Americans. That may be, as you conclude, because there’s no “there” there. It may also be the case that Mueller’s team is reserving the collusion and election-rigging charges for the end game. The statements rather formally excluded those charges from the current indictments—they didn’t say the DOJ lacked such evidence.

        Ditto on the Democrats continuing to screw the pooch. It’s like they couldn’t figure out how to jump into the swimming pool if they desperately wanted to get wet. I don’t know……maybe Trump is such a noxious, fetid grease fire that it won’t matter what the Democrats do next election. But that’s how they lost last time.

        My prediction: Biden/Harris 2020.

        • Avatar Gary Tull says:

          I like your prediction but fear Biden may lag in support due to his age by 2020.

          • Avatar bruce vojtecky says:

            I think Biden would be a good choice, the other two leading DNC candidates, Warren and Sanders, are basically the same age as is an oft mentioned GOP candidate, Mitt Romney. I think the choice of vice president will loom big over 2020 because they would be next in succession.

        • Steve, your reading of the indictment is correct, there are no “allegations” that the Russian interference swayed the election. That was a sloppy statement on my part. I definitely agree that the collusion/obstruction charges are the end game, and the I think the end will come sooner rather than later.

  2. Avatar AJinFLA says:

    If America survives it will be because of the Mueller Investigation. Anyone who read the actual indictments (and if you didn’t you really shouldn’t even be talking) will know beyond a doubt that the Russian Government has waged Cyberwar against the US and it’s citizens.– The scope already seems insanely massive, and we know what small percentage? Our government needs to be gutted, it needs to be transparent, no more Citizens United, no more foreign powers funding our Presidential Campaigns, no more scare tactic politicians— I remember when Republicans used to admire an honorable war veteran, family man, dignified person like Robert Mueller and despise a whoremongering, draft dodging, scammy businessman like President Trump… You want the sleazy Clinton’s gone? Fine, all the liars. cheats, and manipulators need to go; Democrat and Republican. Trump should have lost your conficence when he said “No one in my campaign ever spoke to anyone from Russia 3000x on twitter”… That was a lie, big blatant, undeniable, repeated lie. No more labels, no more name calling, …. “liberal and conservative” don’t even really exist- they are terms used to create a mythological boogeyman purposely driven by a false narrative to keep people from ever engaging in intelligent conversation where they would actually recognize they have been manipulated to believe that Republicans and Democrats have to 100% disagree on everything. It’s stupid, and so are we for letting it happen. — I know going forward I will only vote character… I would rather vote for a good person I totally disagree with (and hope that his high character would find compromise) than a scumbag like President Trump who simply tells me what I want to hear, like he is trying to talk me into making one more bet at his casino.

    • My original headline was gonna be, Can America Survive The Trump-Putin Bromance? but I changed it because I think the bromance is one-sided. Trump loves Putin, but according to Moscow insiders, Putin thinks Trump is a dumb ass. I changed it to Can America Survive the Mueller Investigation? because, as you state, the new indictment offers convincing evidence that the Russians did indeed hack the DNC. What happens next? Well, Mueller can either indict Trump officials, including Trump, on charges of collusion, obstructing justice, money laundering, etc., or Mueller could issue no indictments. Either way, one side of the electorate is going to be displeased, and with our country more divided than ever, they may not take it sitting down. Hopefully, things will remain peaceful, and we can begin the process of restoring our government, as you suggest.

  3. There may be some danger as mentioned; Hitler was freely elected. Germans were tired of repressive times and wanted a better tomorrow which was promised. America needs to rally for itself and elect the best people possible. Throwing media brick bats at public service is unlikely to motivate sane people to serve. Voters get the representation they deserve. We should be ready for trouble as were those who thought King George III was evil. Keep faith.

    • There are some very interesting parallels between the Weimar Republic circa 1920-early 1930s and the current American political-economic scene. When the going gets tough, fascists turn to “blood and soil” nationalism, and certainly that’s what Trump has been doing with his Make America Great Again campaign against immigration and trade.

  4. Avatar Bob Higgins says:

    Don’t forget Obama trying to influence the Israeli election to oust Netanyahu. Funny, politics, huh?

    • Don’t forget that the U.S. intelligence community is actively disrupting governments and elections around the world 24/7, including Russia. Netanyahu, btw, has been a disaster for Israel.

  5. Can we Survive the Mueller Investigation? I think you mean can Trump Survive the Investigation! At this point it is quite obvious we have a Compromised President. This will go down as one the most successful Counter Intelligence Operations in the History of the World. Russian operatives have been at this for years with the Social Media influencing, gathering kompromat, targeted propaganda and now a President that has taken hundreds of Millions if not billions in Loans from Russia aligned banks.
    He is bought and paid for. He now has to pay back all the debt and favors and is thus a mere Puppet as clearly evidenced at the Summit.

    There is one word that comes to mind with this whole thing- TREASON
    But in reality that will come out in the wash as “Crimes against the United States of America”

    Every person that conspired will be brought up to the surface and have the light shined on them. We have just seen the Tip of the Iceberg at this point! From the NRA back channel to some Top GOP members in on this, we are just getting warmed up at this track event.

    We as a Country will survive this. The real question is, will those that conspired?

    I see it getting so Deep that even Paul Manafort is probably even going to flip on the Prez!

    Country Before Party!!

    • And what happens if Mueller doesn’t come up with the goods you are seeking? Will you accept his findings? Either way it goes, one side is going to be very unhappy. That’s why I’m concerned.

      • Avatar The Puppet and his Master says:

        I back/accept “anything” Mueller comes up with as I know his background and know he is the Best Man for this job (Republican also)!

        The Question is when that happens…..will it be pushed under the carpet or will the GOP grow a pair and do the right thing?

        We are at War….its a Cyber Battle Field! We have been penetrated and attacked by Russia in the Digital Relm. The Question is how deep and how many conspired at this point….not “IF” they did.

        Maria Butina a name to remember! Keep in mind that she’s been charged with not just acting as a foreign agent, but also with conspiracy to act as a foreign agent, suggesting that Americans will be charged with conspiring with her. Let’s see She met with Dana Rohrabacher, Scott Walker and a host of other Republicans!

  6. Avatar john says:

    Building to an implosion.

  7. It takes many years of covert under the Radar Counter Intelligence work to be an overnight success! This is just One Example! I have to say I have never in all my years seen such a coordinated and successful mission by a hostile Foreign Country to Undermine the Democracy in the United States of America!

  8. I have a hard time getting spun up to a frenzy over this hacking of our elections by the Russians. According to the same people filing the indictments, no votes were changed.

    Throw the first stone comes to mind. We have for decades not only messed with their elections we actively overthrew some of their leaders. Most of Latin America is screwed up because of our actions. So I guess that is why I am not as upset as some on this hacking.

    Trump’s actions in Helsinki does not rise to the level of treason because we are not officially at war with anyone. It certainly hasn’t been a good time for him.. Good it’s about time.

    His actions on this whole trip have not portrayed a good image of our country. Pissing off most of our allies, will imposing sanctions of many imports and receiving counter tariffs in return. Tarriffs will end up costing us more and not likely to change very much except our prices. Will it bring manufactruing back to America, gee I hope so , but don’t hold your breath.

    I am not ready to buy the indictments till I see some real evidence. Chunks of paper from our intelligence agencies doesn’t do it for me.. I still remember their take on WMD’s in Iraq,and their inability to warn on 911. Plenty of time to find out more.

    • Dad, I’ve been asking myself why am I not more upset about this Russian hacking. especially since I may have been influenced by it, if the DOJ’s allegations are true. I think it’s because the DNC emails were true, not made-up disinformation. The emails confirmed what Bernie supporters already knew: the fix was in for Clinton in the primaries. As a consumer of internet information, the unnamed source of the leak was of minor importance to me, as long as the leaks were true.

      I agree it’s totally possible that the DOJ, along with the rest of the intelligence community, could be manufacturing trumped up charges against Trump, and the mainstream media is playing ball with them, just like they did when they lied us into the Iraq War with phony WMDs. Putin offered the best advice in Helsinki: “As to who to who is to be believed or not who is not to be believed … trust no one.”

      However, with the most recent indictment Mueller is clearly laying the groundwork for collusion charges against Trump’s underlings and perhaps even Trump himself. I will not be surprised if more underlings are indicted soon, particularly Roger Stone.

      The whole thing puts progressives, who are anti-interventionists, in a bind. Opening dialogue with North Korea and Russia is a good thing–one of the few good things Trump has attempted to achieve since taking office. There is a real Deep State, the military industrial financial complex, and war is good business for them. With Helsinki, the real battle between Trump and the Deep State has begun. He may not survive–and his supporters won’t take it well.

  9. Avatar bruce vojtecky says:

    As election signs are popping up all over Phoenix there is one that caught my attention. “Sheriff Joe Arpaio for Senate”. I may have just moved to Arizona but as far as I know Arpaio has not been sheriff of anything for a couple of years.

    • Avatar Beverly Stafford says:

      Perhaps the title of Sheriff is like other titles: those who were in whatever office are forever referred to with that title, i.e., Mr. President, Senator So and So, Secretary Such and Such.

    • Once a Sheriff always a Sheriff, even if you’re a pardoned criminal.

  10. Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

    “There is no allegation in this indictment that any American citizen committed a crime. There is no allegation that the conspiracy altered the vote count or changed any election result.” —Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in a press conference presenting the election-meddling charges against 12 Russians

    Rosenstein’s statement does NOT say that no American committed a crime in collusion with Russians, nor does it say that the election results were not affected. He only states that no such crimes or effects are alleged in this particular indictment. You can be sure that Rosenstein wasn’t being sloppy with his language—the open-endedness is intentional. Those who see his statement as vindication of Circus Trumpus are deluding themselves. Whether or not Mueller and DOJ have the collusion goods on any Americans remains to be revealed.

    • The latest indictment is a net designed to snare lower level clowns in Circus Trumpus, and eventually, the president himself. It seems highly likely Roger Stone, who bragged about communicating with Gucifer 2.0 in 2016 until authorities began saying Gucifer may be a Russian agent, will be the next clown to be indicted, but surely not the last. Even if there was no collusion, there was most certainly obstruction of the investigation into Russian hacking. No matter which way the investigation goes, one side is not going to be happy.

  11. Avatar Candace says:

    Russian Collusion. Trump Collusion. Regardless of the findings/outcome I vote for no escalation to WWIII. When/if Trump goes, what’s next? A lukewarm democratic president who’ s ideologies don’t actually change anything? A republican worse than Trump?!?!? The thing that keeps me up at night are the number of people who voted for a candidate that said outloud “You can grab them by the …..”. Not to diminish the importance of election tampering, I believe Trump is a symptom of a much scarier societal problem.

    • This may sound like a cop-out, but all the abhorrent things Trump said during the campaign were so over the top, I stopped giving them real weight. I thought he was just doing it for media attention. I chalked it up to his reality TV show career. I thought it was just his abrasive style–without understanding there is absolutely no substance underlying it other than a sort of rabid predation. I totally expected him to move to the center after being elected, and when he went far-right instead, I disavowed him completely.

      What comes after Trump? Right now, I’ll settle for there just being an “after.”

  12. Avatar Linda Cooper says:

    I am following this discussion, and remain impressed. Beginning with a well-written article, the comments have also been engaging. So far, no name calling, just some fine perspective. Wow! Thank you so much.

    I read a lot, however, in “plain English,” I’m going to add my random thoughts. Even before the summit, Trump was tweeting out that America has screwed up for a long time (regarding relations with Russia). While that has meritt, it felt to me that he was negating all the constructive efforts that have previously been introduced. I actually felt personally criticized as a citizen, and also on behalf of some well-meaning Presidents. Next came Trump’s lack of support for the “intelligence” aspect of the government. Typically a boss doesn’t criticize in public. And in this instance, it felt like it made America seem weak, and not united. Duh. Which I’m sure delighted Putin. A nation so divided. Beginning with the President encouraging the division.

    The “play” by the GOP will be, and is, that the President corrected his words. End of story. I sincerely hope that doesn’t work this time.

    • The obvious contradiction in Trump’s claim to be a peace-seeker is his trashing of the Iran Deal, which too my mind was one of Obama’s greatest accomplishments in office. Like Trump, Obama was battling a Congress and a military industrial financial complex that benefits from adversarial relationships, but he got the deal anyway. I’m highly critical of Obama’s overall performance, but the Iran Deal and the Affordable Care Act were formidable achievements, considering who he was going up against. Trump is foolish for destroying both of them, and will no doubt pay the political price down the road.

      • Avatar Linda Cooper says:

        Thank you for understanding what I was trying to express. And yeah, my dear husband would highly agree with you regarding Obama. Me? I’m missing complete sentences and some decorum.

  13. Avatar Common Sense says:

    From the Start, Trump Has Muddied a Clear Message: Putin Interfered. He has been denying it now since he took office. Remember back when that reporter asked him the question during a campaign rally “if he were elected President does he think there needs to be Sanctions against Russia”? His answer NO.

    This was the same lady that just got Indicted. She has been working the Bar for years now….offering sex in exchange for access to top GOP folks….she worked the NRA….many top Republicans…..and in her seized Correspondance said ” I am waiting for my next Order”…..gosh gee golly…..wonder if she might have been a SPY?

    We have seen the Tip of the Iceberg folks….the Tip….. POTUS was informed in the beginning that Putin interfered in is favor…….he just chose to not believe it…..because he is working directly with Putin and the Russians. He is Compromised.

    Next down should be Roger Stone. Manafort may flip a 50/50 at this point I would say. We have some Republicans that met with the spy…..that should be coming up in the next week or so as Mueller trickles more out……If you know anything about Mueller… know the goods will be forthcoming!

    Time to restock the popcorn…..

    • Trump supporters are hoping this will go away, but it feels different this time. Tonight the New York Times is reporting that intelligence officials briefed Trump just before the inauguration about Russian interference, showing him classified emails straight from the Kremlin. This latest indictment is no joke, unless the intelligence agencies are lying, which I don’t think they are, the information coming out is too detailed and elaborate. Anyone still clinging to the idea that the FBI didn’t examine the actual server is going to have to give that up. They’ve gone above and beyond that. This article from the Intercept today gives a good run-down on how the evidence in the latest indictment was collected:

  14. Avatar Liz says:

    Why would the “global powers that be” want a seriously disrupted, disrespected USA? This is our president, the democrats seem to be in collusion with those ‘global powers’ and cannot find one worthy thing about this administration. They are like a pack of dogs rabidly attacking not just Trump, but our country itself…… so disgusting — the obscene guy riding the Wall Street bull — (X rated current news) that is the mentality of the sickness in this country. Democrats and Republicans alike will have to live in the aftermath- whatever that is. Could be a war with an occupying army- maybe China, complete stock meltdown, martial law, a race war, serious food shortages helped along with all of the mid-west flooding. An example for how bad it could get is Venezuela. Life is so appalling there, they are eating zoo animals and grass. The blue dress Clintons and “friends”ran this country for 30 years, and this is where we are. So stop with the pink hat garbage already.

    • I think you’re missing a major point here. Trump is the disruptor in the case of Russia/U.S relations. The “global powers that be” aren’t calling the shots, the military industrial financial media complex are, and the last thing they want is peaceful relations with Russia. In their view, America must remain the sole military and economic super power.

      Grotesque behavior abounds in the extreme fringes of both the Trump and anti-Trump camps. You think that guy with the bull on Wall Street is sick? Go to the Trump-supporting Daily Stormer website, the world’s No. NeoNazi website. You won’t believe it.

  15. Avatar Candace says:

    “…the military industrial financial media complex are, and the last thing they want is peaceful relations with Russia. In their view, America must remain the sole military and economic super power.”
    Thank you R.V. I believe you’re spot on.

  16. H A Silliman H A Silliman says:

    It was obvious mainstream media including NPR was biased for Clinton/against Sanders. The old guy is loved by Millenials, who represent the future, who want to share all the privileges and opportunities with everyone, who know (ironically) that it does indeed take a village to make everyone prosper, who are against corporate funding. So candidates like Clinton, Feinstein, DeLeon, etc. are dinosaurs…large swaths of Dems don’t get this yet. But there is hope…like the new Medicare for all alliance and recent Social Dem victories.

    • You are absolutely correct in my opinion, the Democratic base wants a Sanders-style Democratic socialist, but the establishment, including the MSM, refuses to let go of its power. Feinstein, Pelosi et al are dinosaurs.

  17. Avatar Pete says:

    I’m surprised none of the pundits have discussed Trump’s body language when sauntering to the Lectern in Helsinki. He appeared defeated, sheepish, like he had just spent 2 hours in the wood shed. Why he would be unhinged, initiating this beat down unless Russians do, in fact, have damaging information on him. A Narcissist who has been shred before an international audience is a scary profile to have the power granted to the Presidency. Dems appear to have learned nothing from this debacle. Bernie Sanders remains the most popular politician in this country yet the DNC recently rewrote their bylaws essentially eliminating him from running as a Dem in 2020 (Newsweek 6/9/18). As if they would prefer to have 4 more years of a racist, misogynistic nationalist than a Progressive. . .

    • There have been some media outlets that have noted Trump’s body language in Helsinki. He appeared rumpled and lumbering next to the sharply-dressed Putin. He was totally outclassed by Putin.

      • Avatar Pete says:

        Not sure class is appropriate word for either unless, in the context of Oligarchy or declassification.

  18. Avatar The Puppet and his Master says:

    Putin does have blackmail material on POTUS. It came from the St. Petersburg Economic Forum when the T Man was there. You will read about that in the future. Putin plays a Mean Geppetto and well,

    Pinocchio….is being played very well Too! {No Collusion!}….OMG did you see his nose?

    Putin is Blackmailing Trump….it’s clear.

  19. In the end, the agencies that he has criticised the most will probably be the ones that bring him down.

    There is a Reason they Say you don’t Duck with the Intelligence Community! They know EVERY thing.

    • Progressives have been put in an odd spot: Defending the intelligence community, the same community that has lied to the people for decades. Who too believe? Putin’s right: Trust no one.

  20. Avatar george says:

    Yet there he is, still in the Oval Office. We in America are quite insane.

  21. Avatar The Puppet and his Master says:

    Let us all not forget “Why” Putin did all this. His Goal is to Undermine our Democracy. To Sow Seeds of Division and Cause feelings of Anger and Distrust, to get us all so Divided that a Civil War is all but Certain. They helped the Republicans this time around.

    In the Midterms they might help the Dem’s! Why? Because they enjoy sitting back with a cold Vodka and watching the Fireworks in our Country and the Discord!

    I see where the Republicans just Axed the Funding to beef up the Election centers and machines etc for the Midterms. That is a real Mistake. That Door into our elections….it’s a Swinging door, it can go either way and the best way to Keep American Divided would be to Help the Dem’s take it over the Top and Guarantee they win the house and senate. Nothing would get done and the Division Bell would Sound even Louder for the next 2 years!

    Think about it….”Another” two years of Turmoil……what could Putin want more than that? Well, another country or two perhaps…but that’s another story.

  22. Avatar bruce vojtecky says:

    Around 70% of Americans are too lazy, complacent, or busy to vote. And that is just the ones who are registered. Most of those who vote are older Americans. Until all Americans get out and vote America will be stuck, or get, my type of government because I vote. Don’t blame Russians or Nigerians or Extremist groups, blame me. Or blame the non-voters. All the talk and conspiracy theories will do nothing until you get people out to vote.
    What happens when us older voters die? America will be stuck with about 10% voter participation and anyone can take over the government. Who will take over? Muslims, Mormons, Bethel, Big Oil, Big Pharma, MS-13, or some group waiting in the shadows that hasn’t surfaced yet. And don’t forget that America will soon become a Hispanic majority and Hispanics are majority Catholic.

  23. Avatar Just an Opinion says:

    POTUS has created an Alternative Reality. Don’t Believe the Media. Don’t Believe our Own Intelligence Community. The list goes on. Glad I have not had a glass of that Kool-Aid! It’s going to be a Real Rude Awakening when this all goes down I think!

  24. Avatar Edit Reality says:

    W.H edits Reality in an effort to Brainwash Americans! Folks….this isn’t going to end well when it all ends!