Phil Fountain is a cartoonist and writer based in the far reaches of Northern Californey.
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  1. Avatar Beverly Stafford says:

    I wouldn’t want to be in Sean Spicer’s shoes – nor Paul Ryan’s for that matter – when he’s spinning answers to reporter’s questions about how great this new plan is.

    • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

      What I love (to hate) are the comment in the local fish-wrap and elsewhere along the lines of:  “Get rid of Obamacare!  But I like the Affordable Care Act—that’s how I get my subsidized coverage.  Don’t mess with the ACA.”  

      Another favorite of mine is when seniors who are on Medicare rail against socialized medicine in general, especially of the single-payer variety. It’s always good for a laugh when they try to explain how Medicare isn’t socialized medicine.

      Many of the people who are going to get hosed by Trumpcare are barely capable of understanding how badly they’re going to get hosed.  The propaganda outlets they favor will tell them that they’re better off without health insurance, and a lot of them will respond: “Baaaaaaaaa.  Baaaaaaa.”

      • Avatar K. Beck says:

        Unfortunately so true! I went to a town hall meeting with Wally Herger when I first moved to Redding. It was appalling how many gray haired people (most of the tea party “audience”) didn’t understand the origins of their SS/Medicare “benefits” (I seem to remember paying into those two “entitlements” my whole work life, but now they are freebees from the Gov’t? Never mind the fact that we pay premiums every month for our Medicare coverage!).

        So, let’s keep cutting education funding. That seems to be working just fine.

        • Avatar Beverly Stafford says:

          Amen, K. Beck.  How is a program that I paid into for 40+ years considered an entitlement?   Welfare is an entitlement; food stamps are entitlements; but Social Security and Medicare are programs that we are required to pay into.  Or perhaps that should be that we are entitled to pay into?  Best of luck getting Trumpcare passed when even Republicans are putting on the brakes.

          • Avatar Tom Tancredo says:


            Methinks everybody who has every had a above board job has also “paid into” welfare and food stamps. Perhaps the line you are drawing is somewhat arbitrary? In my mind ALL four things mentioned(Medicare, social security, food stamps, and welfare) are  entitlements. I suppose maybe the term “entitlements” is somewhat misleading in that it implies that there is this “user” caste that avails themselves of ” entitlements” without ever paying in; however, most people who collect one or several of these “entitlements” either now works a 9-5 or did in the past. Not sure if your intention was to divide; but, that was the effect.

  2. Yeah, you nailed it Phil. Funny, Trump is willing to put his name on so many loser undertakings– steaks, vodka, casinos, water–but refuses to put his name on THIS loser. Has he smartened up ( doubt it) or does he even understand what’s going on? We’ve a long row to hoe on this one…..Missed your ‘toons, Phil!

  3. Avatar LeRoy says:

    Great to see you in action Phil

  4. Avatar Ron says:

    Great Cartoon Phil…what’s hiding in Trumps hair?

  5. Avatar Rod says:

    DJT is sly like a fox–Translation = He’s way ahead of average mentalities.  It’s OK to fear the man you can’t understand.  Resistance is futile.

    But your cartoon is great Phil.  I’m glad everybody isn’t a 60 year-old male and bald.


    • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

      Thanks for the laugh.  Trump is hard to understand in the same sense that a dog humping a large burlap bag of cash is hard to understand.   It’s simple:  The dog is horny, undiscriminating, and not all that bright.  Later, the dog will brag on Twitter that the bag of cash was much bigger than its actual size.

    • Avatar K. Beck says:

      Resistance is all we have. Doing nothing is NOT an option at the point in time.

    • Avatar Tom Tancredo says:

      how do you mean that trump is “way ahead of average mentalities”? Further what is there to understand about trump? I must be a little slow today because it SEEMS that you are implying that we don’t understand trump because he is so smart? Is that correct? Am i reading this right? Are you just trollin cause if you are good on ya man. Excellent trolling ; however, if you are really tring to say that trump is smart……..Fail.

      • Avatar Joanne Lobeski Snyder says:

        I had the same impression Tom, but I got the same response from an older, born-into-wealth friend who was judging DT by a different standard than I judge people.  Don is rich, so that makes him smarter and really, superior to other people.  The problem with this standard by which people are measured by the amount of money they can accumulate, is that it isn’t a good standard for a country.  Vast wealth can not be gathered in the majority of jobs that keep our country going.  Another concern with this standard is that a sense of honesty, ethics and social conscious is often missing.  The law suits against  Wells Fargo Bank are just one example of how ethical behavior and practices can be set aside in this race for wealth.


  6. Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

    In case you couldn’t make it out, the hat says:  “I’m One of Trump’s Chumps.”  I also love the Russian flag pin on his lapel and the grotesquely oversized tie.

    Excellent work, Philbert.

    • Avatar Beverly Stafford says:

      Good eye, Steve.  I didn’t look that closely but should have knowing Phil’s intricate humor.

  7. Avatar Grammy says:

    Wonderful to have you back Phil. Is anyone with a sane mind surprised that Trump is doing his own entitled thing? Really!?
    My Uncle and I had an in depth discussion on the merits of Hillary or Trump. It came out to Uncle (being a southern Baptist preacher man for all of his adult life) the abortion issue. So I ask him, “Are you willing to put up money for a woman that has a child she doesn’t want? Are you willing to up the anti for welfare? What about the abuse that an unwanted child has to endure?” Still couldn’t budge him. And people like him is what won Trump (sounds like a cuss word now) the election.
    Trump has sold out totally. The contract for the oil pipe line (and we all know how great bolts/nuts/tools from China are-NOT!!) is coming from Russia. Ivanka has tons of her goods on route right now from China (62 tons alone in shoes.) Do as I say not as I do, must be Trumps motto.

    • Avatar Beverly Stafford says:

      People are entitled to sound off about the horrors of abortion when every one of them lines up at every delivery room door and takes then raises every single unwanted – for whatever reason – child.

  8. Avatar Richard Christoph says:

    Though I find both the R-S and to be indispensable, the comment sections of the latter appear to represent the views of readers who are far more informed and thoughtful. The comments above are well-expressed and appear to be based on non-alternative facts. Refreshing…

  9. Avatar Carter Slade says:

    Jeez, what a nation of arm-chair directionals some of us have become and almost over night. We set back on our big self righteous American butts and complain and take shots when a Trump comes along but we don’t want to admit or talk about the fact that Trump is the result/point some Americans are willing to go to send a message to Washington that enough is enough. Sometimes, you just have to be willing to actually shoot yourself in the foot to make people believe you’d actually do it.

    I won’t defend Trump but I will defend Americans who have the balls to stand up and seek relief thru change, even with the risks that Trump may bring. Newsflash- He can’t be worse than the past presidents Ive seen in my lifetime all the way back to the Texan who continuously and all for nothing sent some mighty fine boys to their certain death in a 3rd world called called Viet Nam, until his conscience got the better of him (or so I would like to think).

    My suggestion – Get off Trumps back until he does something really dispicable like past Presidents have done which I might add, as history shows us, we always quickly forgive and forget in the end anyway…



    • Avatar Rod says:

      Well that’s no fun.


    • Avatar Larry Winter says:

      Or, in other words, cut off your nose to spite your face hoping that the rubber clown replacement nose will hide the infection growing behind it.

    • Avatar Don Cohen says:

      Agree with your defense of the swing T voters.  I blame the Ds for failing to address their concerns. However  I think many of us feel  his rhetoric and now his actions have long ago passed really despicable .  I think Oliver Wendell Holmes said it best  ” your right to swing your fist ends where someone else’s nose begins’

  10. Frank Treadway Frank Treadway says:

    Trump has his own Vietnam, and it’s right here in Shasta County, passing his so-called health careless bill will lay off almost 1000 employees and countless persons who need health care.  We have to continue to convince LaMalfa, one of the President’s Trumpkins, to back off this legislation and bring something  to the table that won’t affect Seniors and the Disabled, let alone children’s health and education. Keep calling and visiting LaMalfa’s office and let his staff know that we won’t take it, election time is coming up soon and we Donkeys or Elephants don’t forget…530.223.5898, or visit his almost hidden office: 2885 Churn Creek Rd. Ste. C, Redding 96002.

  11. Avatar Larry Winter says:

    My blurry eyesight saw a third eye in Trump’s hair, “ocular obfuscator”, but soon realized it was a pair of eyes from a critter.  Hehe.

    In defense of Trumpcare, this first step in the process of giving the American people cheaper and better health care options is akin to serving 40 days in the Wilderness.  Only good things can come after.  Just tough it out.  America will be Great Again, any minute now.

  12. Avatar Christian Gardinier says:


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    Dumpster DEATH PANEL republicans don’t believe in birth control so they do population control, let the poor and working class get sick, don’t feed them and the money “saved” goes to them, the rich 1%! Very clever but don’t put up with it FIGHT BACK!

  13. Avatar kerr, david says:

    Every day, I get a Sacbee e-mail with anti-Trump cartoons and editorials.  Almost every newspaper, even Gannet papers in Republican voting areas is full of the same stuff.

    How about a positive message of how progressives can win elections in Redding, Chico, Marysville, Yuba city, Eureka, etc.  A vigorous debate on the progressives path to victory would benefit rural California.

  14. Frank Treadway Frank Treadway says:

    David K, call me I’ll tell you how it could work, Hint…it’s all about who’s in power Voter Registration wise, call the Election Dept and you’ll see the current dilemma, the only county in CD1 that’s Blue is Nevada County, Chico city is Blue, but those aren’t enough to carry the district, it’s all about the number of Progressive voters and money.