Flood Waters Transform Redding

My dog Bodie and I drove around several areas in Redding and looked at the flooding.  Here are a few photos I took.

This trail goes from the Senior Center under the Diestelhorst Bridge into Caldwell Park.

ATT00053 ATT00050 ATT00047

For this shot, I stood on the other side of Diestelhorst Bridge in Caldwell Park.

ATT00056 ATT00059 ATT00062 ATT00065 ATT00068

The swells remind me of the ocean. These photos, below, are of the Market Street Bridge across the Sacramento River.

ATT00071 ATT00074


Here’s a photo at Caldwell Park a few months after I got Bodie. We’re sitting with the statue of Bush – Redding’s first Mayor. Notice the height of statue’s head.


You can see the statue’s head below the lamp post.


Here’s a view from where we stood in front of Movies 8 looking toward Park Marina Drive.


Here we are standing in water about 4 inches deep at Park Marina Drive looking back at Movies 8. Bodie loved walking through all the water.


This gives a new meaning to “Aqua Golf”.


This is the parking lot in a business plaza where I use to see a dentist.

ATT00095 ATT00098

Looking south standing in the middle of Park Marina Drive.


Water floods the park on the other side of Park Marina Drive.


Here is The Beadman. There is a trailer park completely submerged behind those trees that’s on a lower elevation along the river.

ATT00107 ATT00110 ATT00113

This is Park Marina Drive going south under the Cypress Bridge.

ATT00116 ATT00119

And this is along one of the Sacramento River trails Bodie and I walk quite often.


Steve DuBois and his dog pal.

Steve DuBois

For many years Steve DuBois has enjoyed taking photos of his dogs in interesting and unusual places. He created a photo book of his dogs especially for the children at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, where he donated several copies. He loves that the kids enjoy seeing his dogs photographed in unusual ways. Steve says his dogs have been his photographic inspiration and motivation, but sometimes he tries his hand at nature shots, such as the photos he captured of the north state’s 2017 flooding, published here on A News Cafe.com. Steve DuBois lives in Redding.

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