Flood Waters Transform Redding

My dog Bodie and I drove around several areas in Redding and looked at the flooding.  Here are a few photos I took.

This trail goes from the Senior Center under the Diestelhorst Bridge into Caldwell Park.

ATT00053 ATT00050 ATT00047

For this shot, I stood on the other side of Diestelhorst Bridge in Caldwell Park.

ATT00056 ATT00059 ATT00062 ATT00065 ATT00068

The swells remind me of the ocean. These photos, below, are of the Market Street Bridge across the Sacramento River.

ATT00071 ATT00074


Here's a photo at Caldwell Park a few months after I got Bodie. We’re sitting with the statue of Bush – Redding’s first Mayor. Notice the height of statue’s head.


You can see the statue’s head below the lamp post.


Here's a view from where we stood in front of Movies 8 looking toward Park Marina Drive.


Here we are standing in water about 4 inches deep at Park Marina Drive looking back at Movies 8. Bodie loved walking through all the water.


This gives a new meaning to "Aqua Golf".


This is the parking lot in a business plaza where I use to see a dentist.

ATT00095 ATT00098

Looking south standing in the middle of Park Marina Drive.


Water floods the park on the other side of Park Marina Drive.


Here is The Beadman. There is a trailer park completely submerged behind those trees that’s on a lower elevation along the river.

ATT00107 ATT00110 ATT00113

This is Park Marina Drive going south under the Cypress Bridge.

ATT00116 ATT00119

And this is along one of the Sacramento River trails Bodie and I walk quite often.


Steve DuBois and his dog pal.

Steve DuBois
For many years Steve DuBois has enjoyed taking photos of his dogs in interesting and unusual places. He created a photo book of his dogs especially for the children at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, where he donated several copies. He loves that the kids enjoy seeing his dogs photographed in unusual ways. Steve says his dogs have been his photographic inspiration and motivation, but sometimes he tries his hand at nature shots, such as the photos he captured of the north state’s 2017 flooding, published here on A News Cafe.com. Steve DuBois lives in Redding.
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  1. Joanne Lobeski Snyder says:

    Great photos Steve.  The water was not that high the last time I was on Park Marina Drive…..I hope the sandbags are working for those businesses!

  2. ginny says:

    I wondered about the Beadman’s business.  Maybe the powers to be became a little too enthusiastic about letting the water out of Shasta and Keswick at too great a degree when the storm has mostly bypassed us.

    Great look at some of the water works!

    • Steve Steve says:

      From what I understand, they’re letting the water out in anticipation of the next storm if a lot of rain is projected.  The lakes have a lot of inlets from mountain streams, creeks etc, that are still flowing into the lake and filling it.  So they have to make sure the lake is down to receive the next storm.

      • Ginny says:

        Since I have lived in Redding, there is one time fairly recently, they let out a huge release anticipating a bad storm coming in.  The storm didn’t, and left the dam low for a few years.  We haven’t had the huge amount anticipated.

  3. kay ekwall says:

    thanks Steve, I used to live there and wondered what was happening….I remember floods of course from growing up in Anderson from the Sacramento River into our home neighborhood and also in Redding different times but this looks like the worst of it. I was there when Park Marina was still Kutras Park and we all could just hang out there and swim and have fun! I hope everyone was safe, I feel for all the expense and clean up afterwards for everyone, my extended family got flooded out in the big Feather River Flood years ago and that made an imprint on me forever, it was so scary and sad. Great shots to show before and afterwards!….blessings, Kay

  4. Richard DuPertuis says:

    Nice work, Steve. Watery photo ops abound in our city these days.

  5. NITA carter says:

    Great pictur3es. Thanks for sharing. STEVE.

  6. Gerrine Peckenpaugh says:

    Love the pics. You might consider putting a harness on your dog so the leash doesn’t pull on his airway. Healthier.

    • Steve Steve says:

      Thanks, Gerrine.  I have considered a harness, but this is currently the best for us.  It’s a long story, but for the time being, I’ll use this one.

  7. Grammy says:

    In the 38 years we have been here in Shasta County I do not remember the old Ski Chalet building being in water. Have seen many times the road under water to the point that you can not drive under the bridge.
    How the lakes are managed is a thankless job. Easy to second guess when damage comes about or the lake leaves are low during the simmer. To release water. To save water to fill the lakes. The Corp of Engineers have guide lines that have to be followed so it isn’t as if they have a choice.
    It feels like we have had five months of rain (surprised that Trump hasn’t said that California is feeling God’s wrath with 150 days of rain). For the first time we have moss growing under our roof shingles to the point of lifting them up.
    Hope people are checking their rain gutters multiple times to check for blockage.

  8. A. Jacoby says:

    I have this to say about water management: MAN PLANS, GOD LAUGHS! . . .. and you’re right, it is a thankless job.

    Great pics . . .. thanks

  9. Ld says:

    It is amazing what water can do!  Thank you for sharing, and saying what and where the pictures are about.. Be safe out there!!!!!

    • Kenneth Hall says:

      Had a Dental Lab in that complex on Park Marina for many years.  Use to fish off the deck in the back. We have never seen this much flooding. What a mess…thank you for sharing. 🙂

      • Steve Steve says:

        You’re welcome.  I’m glad you enjoyed seeing the photos.  I forget the name of the dentist I saw there, but I use to enjoy sitting in his chair and looking out at the river whenever it was high.  It gave us something to talk about.

    • Steve Steve says:

      Thanks, LD.  Nice to be able to share the photos with others.  All is currently good.  We never know what the future holds.

  10. cody says:

    Thank you for the photos – amazing amounts of water going through town.

    The Sports Cottage was inundated back in 1997, but I think the water was a little lower.  They had rows of sandbags forming a path so that you could get to the doors without getting soaked too badly.  I do not think the water entered the building.

    The officials clearly let the lake get too full, and had to flood everyone in anticipation of coming storms.  However, they could have lowered it a lot, and then received plenty of criticism if it did not rain again this year…

  11. Steve Steve says:

    I remember the flooding in 1997.  I was so amazed.  But this year is the highest I’ve seen it … at least, that I’m aware of.

  12. Sally says:

    Just WOW, WOW, and more WOW!!!  I have lived here in excess of 50 years and never seen anything close to the present conditions.  And A Jacoby, I agree with your comment completely!

    • Steve DuBois Steve DuBois says:

      I thought I commented on this when you posted it, Sally.  Redding sure has changed in 50 years, I’m sure.  I’ve only here since 1986.  There was only one traffic light in the Enterprise area then.  I wish I could see Redding through your eyes.

  13. Brenna says:

    Thank you Steve for these Photo’s! I have lived here in Redding 45 Years now and this has been the worst flooding. I recently moved to higher country to Shingle Town.  I appreciate the photos so much as I have Family and Friends there and this helped me understand more of what was happening. Thank you! great Job. Ps I love what you are doing with your Pets and the Hospital with the children!  <3 Wonderful <3

  14. Tammy says:

    Awesome pictures. I love the dog in them. Thank you very much for sharing.

  15. Kenneth Fulgham says:

    I grew up at 2018 Thames Street, now Park Marina Drive, and our house faced the river and Kutras Lake as it was back in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s.  As a junior high school (Sequoia) and later high school (Shasta) lad, I worked for Bob Spaid as an after school and summer laborer as he was developing and building out the recreational area and office buildings.  In December 1964 I can remember the Sacramento River waters running down Thames Street which was when the dike separating the lake from the river finally broke and washed most of the northern part away. I don’t think that Bob every rebuilt the dike and as the City changed Thames Street to Park Marina Drive with the extension through the recreational area, most of the beach and small golf course just disappeared over time.

  16. Steve DuBois Steve DuBois says:

    It would’ve been interesting to see that.  The history of how things change is fascinating.  It’s hard to imagine what you saw exactly – I wish I could’ve seen it.  And it’s amazing what man can build to change things.

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