Democracy, La Malfa Style

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 By Antonia Walker and Thalia Chantziara.

© Antonia Walker and Thalia Chantziara

Congress is in recess this week and United States Representatives are supposed to go back to their districts and engage with their constituents.

It’s an official District work period. However, Rep. Doug La Malfa (R-Richvale), won’t do that, thus avoiding to show up before important votes come up (the Affordable Care Act, etc).

LaMalfa’s Washington, D.C., office pretends that something is being planned, while his Redding office categorically said he won’t be meeting with the public during recess.

From what we’ve been told, he’s been hiding from or ignoring voters for months or years, not just this time.

Antonia Walker studied illustration and anthropology at The New School in New York. She worked as a professional illustrator before dedicating herself to painting. She is a realist painter and has shown her work in the United States and Spain. A series of grants and residencies took her to Spain for two years where she learned Spanish, and then back to New York where she began an artistic collaboration with artist Thalia Chantziara. Antonia loves nature and cooking and is passionate about domestic politics and women’s rights. She is currently living in Redding.

Thalia Chantziara is an artist currently living in Redding, CA. Her work has been exhibited in New York City and across the United States. Lately she has spent extensive time painting on grants and residencies. She is actively interested in domestic politics related to equality and justice and occasionally illustrates graphic op-eds. She holds a B.A. in Linguistics from Harvard University and a M.Sc. in Finance from the University of Piraeus and has studied art at Grand Central Academy and Janus Collaborative in New York.

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21 Responses

  1. Avatar Greg Noble says:

    ” hiding” I talked with Rep Doug La Malfa twice last year about veteran issues twice last year.

    • Avatar K. Beck says:

      “last year” “last year” before or after the election?…perhaps it has to do with the fact your are a Vet? He seems to like Vets.

      • Avatar Antonia Walker says:

        Glad to hear that you were able to talk to him last year. Last week, when we went to his Redding office they told us that he wouldn’t be meeting or talking with the public anywhere in his district until, possibly, April. We suggested a teleconference and even that was turned down. Before recess, when we called his offices, they assured us that he would be meeting with the public but hadn’t decided where or when yet. It’s unfortunate that in actuality he isn’t willing to have any kind of meeting open to the public as that’s an important part of his job.

      • Avatar Debbie Hendrix says:

        Alot of politicians pander to Veterans. I should know I am one. I glad he is refusing to do town halls. He is exposing his true self. He has hidden behind his beard for years. Where was he in 2005 when persons first started talking about Oroville Dam and its many potential problems.  Before be build new dams maybe we should take care of the ones we have. But that would not benefit him and his farm buddies. On KRCR news last night he said he liked meeting with 5-6 people at a time. I am sure he does but that is not going to get him re elected. Maybe his supporters will finally wake up and we can get someone who truely has northern ca in our best interest and not his.

        • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

          When Oroville Dam was being re-licensed by FERC a few years back, three environmental groups filed a comment that the earthen emergency spillway ought to be paved.  Their reasoning was that release of water from the lake over the earthen spillway would cause erosion that would degrade water quality in the Feather River, and could result in the failure of the spillway and catastrophic flooding.

          Their comment was refuted by the State Water Project’s primary customers, the Metropolitan Water District (Los Angeles Basin) and the various agriculture irrigation districts that purchase Lake Oroville water.  They all opposed the idea because by law the customers for Lake Oroville water would have had to pay for the improvements to the spillway.

          One of the biggest customers of Lake Oroville Water is the Western Canal Water District, which serves rice farmers in the area below Thermolito Afterbay (below Oroville Dam).  Western Canal Water District is where Doug LaMalfa gets his water.  In order to properly maintain and improve Oroville Dam, he and his fellow rice farmers would have had to pay higher fees for irrigation water.

          The water districts beat back the environmental groups’ request to improve the dam.  FERC ruled against their proposal.

  2. Frank Treadway Frank Treadway says:

    Oh Greg…you are the lucky one, and you may be an R or an NPP, but D folks just don’t have the same luck as you do. Mr. LaMalfa is obviously quite concerned about his ability to respond to folks who just happen to be upset.  Upset about him voting to repeal the ACA, totally destroy Social Security and other aspects of our lives. What he forgets is politics is not always a Tea Party with cucumber sandwiches.  When he entered the world of Electoral Politics he surely knew he was going to be slammed with serious and concerned questions by his constituents.  If he, and other congresspersons, can’t face the heat when it occurs, then get out of the kitchen. Sorry, politics is a hard-ball game.

  3. Avatar Peggy Elwood says:

    Am I wrong or does LaMafia just represent the rich rice farmers and almond growers? I don’t think he is representing my interests at all…..think liberal progressive democrat who doesn’t want to go back to the 50’s, who believes in global warning and saving the planet for future generations, women’s right to choose, equal pay, helping the less fortunate, universal health care, education for all, freedom of religion, preserving our democracy……..there is more but i will stop….

  4. Frank Treadway Frank Treadway says:

    oh, and kudos to the two artisans and their skillful art and words relating to our current political situation here in the North State, this resident is hopeful that we have such astute persons considering moving to our area.

  5. Avatar Anna Champe says:

    I have personally requested his public speaking/town hall schedule for Shasta County through multiple venues – social media, messages on his district office phone, messages at his D.C. office phone – and have yet to receive a response.

    • Avatar Anita Lynn Brady says:

      I even offered to locate and book a suitable venue if they would give me a day and time he would be available. All he would have to do is SHOW UP.

  6. Avatar K. Beck says:

    He is in the area:

    I have seen no town meetings planned, unless they are secret, by invitation only. Or maybe, as above, cost $$ to attend.

    Don’t WE pay his salary? I seem to remember something about where our tax money goes…salaries for the MOCs? Right?

  7. Avatar Anita Lynn Brady says:

    I have asked the Congressman and his office to make a statement about privatization of Medicare and Social Security, which he DID NOT campaign on but the GOP seems hell-bent on enacting.

    I have done so to his DC office, his local office and in the local media with a Letter to Editor.

    He refuses to make a statement.


    • Avatar Antonia Walker says:

      We were at a meeting last week between a staffer of La Malfa’s and CARA (California Alliance for Retired Americans) and it was really sad to see that this group of older Americans, very much in need of their Medicare and Social Security, would not be heard by him on this issue until it’s too late. Some things affect all Americans irrespective of their political party.

  8. Avatar Stephen Allen says:

    Hiding?  Hardly unless you have a liberal agenda and then I am sure he’s being courteous by not having to play “I’m listening, but you’re not” with you.  He does honor veterans as a priority and I have first hand experience of this.  I listen in on the telephone town halls whenever I can catch one and he is available there to speak directly to.  I must admit I have asked for responses from writing to his web page and have received one out of ten, maybe.  We need more representation here in the North State which should be obvious.  You may not like the idea, but the only way to get more representation is to depart from SoCal and become our own state.  The State of Jefferson movement is real, doable and necessary the more that this state is mismanaged physically and financially by the liberal dictators down south.  You hopefully have seen what I am talking about in the news lately, Oroville Dam crisis, lack of adequate water storage for the “flood” years, crumbling roads and mudslides due to inept engineering on our mountain highways and catch and release illegals killing cops and so much more.   If allowed to continue it will only get worse as resources deplete and taxes go higher and businesses move out of the state.

    • Steve Towers Steve Towers says:

      See my comment above about LaMalfa and his water district’s role in the lack of maintenance of and improvements to Oroville Dam.

      As for mismanagement of California’s finances by the liberal dictators down south, Shasta County and all of the conservative counties surrounding us are revenue vacuums—we take far more money from Sacramento than we send there in taxes and fees.  All of the prosperous liberal counties along the coast, the counties that make California the 7th largest economy in the world, are the opposite—they subsidize our country-cousin lifestyles.

      The same goes for the United States.  California and most of the blue states pay the bills (to the extent that we pay our bills since the onset of the ongoing Reagan Revolution) by sending more money to Washington DC than they get back.  The red states—with very few exceptions—are heavily subsidized by the blue states.

      Which state is the most business-friendly utopia in the nation?  As ranked by the conservative United States Chamber of Commerce, Mississippi is the best state in the union in which to do business.  That hell-hole of a state is either dead last or close to it on nearly every standard-of-living metric, including education, health, income, and livability.

      You don’t have to create Mississippi II out of NorCal and call it “Jefferson.”  You can just move to Mississippi.  Vote with your U-Haul.

      • Avatar Suzie Haberland says:

        People just don’t seem to understand that the quality of life that comes with the more rural lifestyle has a cost.  It’s more expensive to provide basic services here, and the rest of Shasta, Butte, Siskiyou and other low-population counties than it is to provide better services in a metropolitan area.  We pay a price for living here: inadequate internet infrastructure, higher rates for basic services, inadequate and low quality medical care, lack of choice, etc.  As you say, forming a new state will not solve any of the NorCal problems.

        And as for Mr. LaMalfa, he simply does not seem interested in learning and having an open mindset.  He’s decided to tow the party  line, regardless of whether it harms his constituents.

  9. Frank Treadway Frank Treadway says:

    Mr.Allen, yes, Mr LaMalfa does seem to pay attention to the Veterans, but that’s an easy ploy as the VA Clinic mostly takes care of the Vets. It’s easy for LaMalfa to honor vets as they tend to be conservative in their own ranks. But, when it comes to addressing folks on Medicare/ACA, he’s MIA !

    Oh, and stop being foolish to think for one milli-second that the voters of CA would ever let a section of CA go for the good of a few disenchanted gun-owners, who are also on Medicare and MediCal. Reality time !

  10. Avatar Thalia Chantziara says:

    Glad to hear that Congressman La Malfa will be holding a telephone town hall tomorrow, Wed, March 1st, at 6:30pm. Call his DC office to register: 202-225-3076.